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The Resume Debate: Simple + Clean, or Visually Stunning?

CV & Resume Templates / 18 Jan 2022

The Resume Debate: Simple + Clean, or Visually Stunning?

Your resume design says a lot about you. It communicates things to a potential employer simply from the design alone.

As a designer, this can be especially true, because your resume design can show your style, understanding of design elements and theory, and even if you may be a fit with a company visually.

That’s why the internet is full of questions about resume design and why the debate about the best type of design for your professional information rages on.

25+ Best Friendly & Simple Fonts in 2022 (Free & Premium)

Font Collections / 18 Jan 2022

25+ Best Friendly & Simple Fonts in 2022 (Free & Premium)

There are some fonts that give you a warm, friendly feeling and make you feel right at home. This collection is all about those friendly fonts.

Fonts are one of the few design elements that have the power to evoke emotions. With the right typeface, you could create a nostalgic feeling or even a happy, playful feeling through your designs. But not all fonts have this ability to evoke emotions.

We found a few fonts with friendly and simple designs that allow you to create a pleasant, peaceful, and familiar feeling through your titles, headings, and paragraphs. These fonts are great for creating designs with a personalized look and feel.

Explore the fonts collection below and see if you can find a simple font for your project.

30+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

Inspiration / 18 Jan 2022

30+ Best TikTok Video Templates, Interface Elements + More

TikTok quickly took over the world with its trendy video-based content format. With over 800 million active users, TikTok is more than just about dancing videos and memes. It’s now a platform for marketing.

TikTok is now bigger than Reddit, Twitter, and even Snapchat. As a result, everyone from small personal brands to big corporate businesses is now on TikTok promoting their products.

The key to promoting a brand or a business on TikTok is to have the perfect video templates and the elements to represent your brand in a professional way through the content. They help set your brand apart from the rest.

That’s why we’re bringing you a collection of high-quality TikTok video templates and elements you can easily download and use to create branded content for your audience. Have a look.

25+ Best Fun, Creative PowerPoint Templates 2022

PowerPoint Templates / 17 Jan 2022

25+ Best Fun, Creative PowerPoint Templates 2022

One of the best ways to captivate your audience during a presentation or a speech is to make your PowerPoint slideshow more fun and attractive.

In this post, we’re featuring some of the best fun and creative PowerPoint templates you can use to ensure you keep your audience fully engaged throughout your presentation.

You can easily edit and customize these templates to make all kinds of presentations, including slideshows for kids, creative events, marketing, startups, and more.

25+ Best Chunky Fonts 2022

Font Collections / 17 Jan 2022

25+ Best Chunky Fonts 2022

Chunky and chubby fonts are a great choice for designing fun and creative titles for all kinds of designs. In this post, we bring you a selection of the best chunky fonts with many different styles.

Due to their unique style of design, chunky fonts are most suitable for creative, fun, and entertaining designs. Our list of chunky fonts includes different types of fonts for designing everything from posters to greeting cards and much more.

Start exploring the list to find the right chunky font for your next project, and be sure to read through our tips for choosing (and using) chunky fonts for some handy design advice!

70+ Corporate & Creative Business Card PSD Mockup Templates

Business Card Templates / 17 Jan 2022

70+ Corporate & Creative Business Card PSD Mockup Templates

The design of your business cards is vital if you’re looking to make a good first impression. In this post, we’ve collected over 70 of the best free and premium business card mockups that you can use for your next client meeting or design project.

We’re not only covering corporate professional designs, but also profession-specific business cards like those designed for photographers, doctors or even writers.

All the mockups are designed to perfection, and come in a variety of easily editable formats! They’re ready to use with Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and more.

Need extra help creating something stunning? Explore our Business Card feature for more tips, ideas, and inspiration.

30 Tips to Learn Web Design in 30 Days

Business / 14 Jan 2022

30 Tips to Learn Web Design in 30 Days

Is learning the basics of web design still on your “someday” list? Why haven’t you got started yet? We’ve put together 30 tips and resources to help you start learning web design this month (and maybe even find yourself a new career path!)

Graphic designers, print designers, and creatives looking to learn something new or break into website need to quit procrastinating. Every day that you don’t take that first step leaves you one day further behind everyone else!

Follow these steps to begin learning how to create your first website, industry best practices, and much more—all in 30 days!

7 Tips for Automating Tasks as a Web Designer

Business / 13 Jan 2022

7 Tips for Automating Tasks as a Web Designer

You’ve heard the axiom “work smarter, not harder.” Automated tasks are the trick to taking some of the time-consuming elements out of web design so that you can do exactly that.

Automated tasks can include a variety of actions and elements. We’ll look at seven automated tasks here that will make your life a lot easier.

While all of these are particularly well suited to web designers, they’re also helpful tips for automating any aspect of your work (or personal!) live where you’d like to save a bit of time.

20+ Best Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fonts (Free & Premium) 2022

Font Collections / 13 Jan 2022

20+ Best Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fonts (Free & Premium) 2022

If you’re looking for a font to create a piece of timeless design, you can never go wrong with an art nouveau or art deco font.

While both art nouveau and art deco font styles come from the same 20th century period, they have two distinctive designs. Art deco is all about the clean and minimalist look while art nouveau is all about creating elegance with its long curves and lines.

These art movements are so good that they managed to survive many decades and are still celebrated among modern designers. They are especially quite popular in typography designs.

With our collection of handpicked art deco and art nouveau fonts, you can find a beautiful vintage font to craft your own Victorian-era design. Be sure to download them all.

35+ Face Mask Mockup Templates & Overlays

Mockup Templates / 13 Jan 2022

35+ Face Mask Mockup Templates & Overlays

Wearing a face mask is not something you can choose to do, it’s the new normal! You might as well get used to it. Thankfully, designers are now finding creative ways to make face masks look more fashionable with custom designs.

If you’re also working on a face mask design for a client or to sell in your own shop, you’ll want a great-looking mockup to showcase your designs in a professional way. We’re here to help you with that process.

In this post, we’re featuring a collection of face mask mockup templates you can use to show off your unique face mask designs with a realistic view.

The collection includes all kinds of face mask mockups with various shapes, sizes, layouts, and different styles of straps. Have a look.

35+ Best Monogram Fonts

Font Collections / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Monogram Fonts

Creating a monogram is a popular design practice for logos, badges, signage, insignias, and signatures (it actually dates back to the early 350BC!). If you’re working on a monogram design, this collection of monogram fonts and typography is a helpful starting point!

Many brands, products, and businesses still use monograms to craft unique logos that stand out from the crowd (like Volkswagen or Coco Chanel).

We’ve handpicked several unique monogram fonts with decorative designs that you can use for your various projects.

35+ Best Line Patterns & Textures

Background Textures / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Line Patterns & Textures

Whether you’re working on a product packaging design, a greeting card, or even a website background, incorporating one of these line patterns and textures can help you achieve a pro result.

No need to spend hours of your valuable time searching for beautiful line patterns. We scoured the web to find the best line patterns and textures to help you get a headstart with your design process.

This collection includes both free patterns and premium items, for a mix of affordability and top-quality. Have a look and see if you can find a pattern suitable for your project.

35+ Best Illustrator Logo Templates 2022

Logo Templates / 12 Jan 2022

35+ Best Illustrator Logo Templates 2022

So you need a logo right now? That’s where an Illustrator logo template can come in handy. A logo template is often a kit of pieces to build a vector logo with a few tweaks—such as changing colors or fonts. These are our top picks!

Some of the better logo template options might include multiple elements in a file that you can piece together for a design that’s a little more custom.

Logo templates are best for small, quick projects that need something cost-effective and visually pleasing. While a logo template won’t give you all the flexibility and design choices as a custom logo, they create a significantly less expensive option. (Which can be great if you have some design skills and an idea of what you want your logo to look like.)

Just make sure when you are hunting for that perfect logo template, that you find a vector set to work with. Adobe Illustrator files are the most common and will give you the tools you need to create a design that will work at any size when you are finished making the logo design.

Here are 20 of the best Adobe Illustrator logo templates we could track down, as well as a few helpful tips for using an Illustrator logo template.

20+ Best Pixel Art Fonts of 2022 (Free & Premium)

Font Collections / 11 Jan 2022

20+ Best Pixel Art Fonts of 2022 (Free & Premium)

Today, we’re bringing you a collection of groovy-looking pixel art fonts that will take you back in time to the 1980s, the era of old-school arcade games.

When it comes to designing headings for video games and technology-themed designs, nothing beats the classic pixel art font. There’s something about that pixelated design that gives you a feeling of nostalgia and makes you feel like a kid again.

As a result, Pixel fonts are perfect for retro-themed designs. They are also quite popular in custom T-shirt designs, YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, and more.

We handpicked a collection of pixel art fonts for your projects. There are many different styles of pixel fonts to choose from. Have a look.

10 Biggest Worries of Freelance Designers (And How to Prepare!)

Freelancing / 10 Jan 2022

10 Biggest Worries of Freelance Designers (And How to Prepare!)

Whether you are new to the gig economy or have been doing it for a while, there are some common worries that almost all freelance designers share. While knowing you aren’t alone isn’t enough to alleviate all those fears, it can help to know many of your fears are common.

As someone who has done freelance work for the better part of 15 years, I can attest that some of these worries never go completely away. They do ebb and flow over time and you do learn to deal with them more effectively.

Here’s that list of worries with a little practical advice to help you manage common freelance concerns.

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