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Custom 404 Error Page

The standard 404 error page can often be really frustrating for readers. Using a simple .htaccess file can allow you to customise your error page, and ensure that users are displayed a useful alternative.

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How to redirect the user

You need to create a .htaccess file, using any standard text editor. Copy and paste the following code – substituting the path for your local 404 html page:

Once you’ve done that, you are ready to go. Here are a few ideas of things to include in your 404 page:

  • A search box
  • A link back to the homepage
  • The same CSS and graphics as the rest of the website
  • A website index or map

Get creative, make the user feel that they have an alternative route to find what they are looking for, and you’ll vastly improve their experience on your website!

Imaginative 404 Pages

To get inspiration, take a look at some other 404 pages. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find!

Custom 404 Error Pages

Custom 404 Error Pages

Custom 404 Error Pages