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Weekly Freebie: Printable Productivity Mousepad

Today’s freebie is incredibly simple but also incredibly useful. It’s a custom-made calendar, todo and notes sheet that you can print and use as a mousepad. I use it myself every day and thought I’d share it!

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Paper: A Poor Man’s Mousepad

I love my Apple Magic Mouse. It’s simply the best computer mouse that I’ve ever used and is infinitely better than the Mighty Mouse, that train wreck of a device that preceded it.

“A single piece of paper didn’t provide the optimum cushion but adding a few more proved to create a more than adequate surface”

Something that I don’t like is the way the mouse scrapes across my wooden desk. Called me old fashioned but I like a smoother, quieter mouse experience.

This presented a problem, I don’t own a mousepad. Even the term seems antiquated for some reason. Rather than remedying this problem with a quick trip to any of the hundreds of places within a twenty mile radius of my house where I could pick up a mousepad, I did what any homegrown, do it yourself Missouri boy would do, I improvised.

The solution turned out to be a small stack of plain old printer paper. A single piece of paper didn’t provide the optimum cushion but adding a few more proved to create a more than adequate surface for my mouse.


It turns out, having a stack of paper as your mousepad is pretty convenient. I found that I instinctively began to use the paper to jot down notes, todos and the like. Before I knew it, I had a nice little system that I was sure that I never wanted to be without.

However, it wasn’t perfect. Before long I began to wish that my mousepad had more features. I wanted productivity tools like I had on my iPhone. Thus is the story for the birth of the productivity pad, the mousepad that helps you get things done.


Topping the page is a convenient three month calendar. I find that three months fit nicely on the page and create a perfect stretch for planning ahead.


There’s also a task list running down the side, a notes area at the bottom and a large empty space for you to place your mouse in without any interference. As a bonus, the pad uses very little printer ink and having three months on one sheet means that those looking to save trees only have to print four pages per year.


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