17+ Minimal Shopify Themes With Clean & Minimalist Design

Choosing a clean, minimal design for your Shopify store brings many benefits. It will not only make your store look sleek and professional but also help improve website load times and enhance the user experience.

Today, we are bringing you a handpicked collection of minimalist Shopify themes that will allow you to build a beautifully modern online store that effectively highlights products through a clean design and attracts more customers.

Whether you’re launching a new Shopify store or revamping an existing one, these Shopify minimal themes will elevate your eCommerce site to new heights. Have a look.



Editions is a beautifully minimalist Shopify theme featuring a clean and spacious layout that puts your products at the center of the store. It’s a perfect choice for building shops for branded apparel items, lifestyle products, and more.

In addition to its simple design, the Editions theme also has features for creating stores for non-profit businesses. Other functions like stock counter, age verifier, and countdown timer are also included.



If you’re looking for a Shopify theme to build an online store that blends both minimalism and modern design elements, this theme is perfect for you. Focal is a Shopify minimal theme that features a grid-style design for showcasing products.

Focal is ideal for fashion and lifestyle brands to set up a professional and trendy-looking store that fits their identity. The theme comes with lots of useful elements for creating editorial content and for leveraging storytelling to promote your products.



Local Shopify theme is designed with online retail stores in mind. Unlike most other retail store designs, this theme uses minimalism quite effectively to offer a more relaxed and smooth experience to customers.

As the name suggests, the Local Shopify theme is perfect for setting up online stores for local shops. It’s also great for food and grocery-related online stores. The theme brings more than 20 different sections, allowing you to fully customize it to your preference.



Minimalism is often the key element in every premium-looking online store. With the Effortless minimal Shopify theme, you can also transform your store into a premium-looking shop.

Effortless Shopify theme is designed with high-volume stores and dropshipping store in mind. Of course, it can be fully customized to create various other types of shops as well. It also comes packed with functions such as cross-selling, quick buy, slide-out cart, and countdown timers.



Grid Shopify theme comes with a stylish, trendy, and creative grid-style design that lets you build a visual-centric store. It’s perfect for creating stores for modern brands that target young audiences.

Alongside its beautiful masonry-style grid layout, this Shopify theme also comes with a multi-column menu, age verifier, in-menu promos, image galleries, and many other features to make your store look even more attractive.



Mandolin is an ultra-minimalist Shopify theme that features a stripped-off design with nothing but the products surrounded by white space. The subtle dividers also do a great job of creating a more organized look at the same time.

This theme is perfect for setting up a store for a niche clothing brand or lifestyle products shop. The best part of this theme is its lightning-fast loading speeds, all thanks to its lightweight, minimalist design.



Broadcast is a modern, elegant Shopify theme featuring a minimal design. This theme features several unique sections that will highlight your store among the competitors.

The Broadcast Shopify theme is a great choice for luxury brands, jewelry, and high-end fashion brands for creating a modern shop for showcasing premium products. The theme is fully customizable and comes with more than 20 different sections as well.



If you’re planning on starting your own online store to promote fashion and beauty products, this Shopify theme is perfect for your project. Align is an elegant, minimal Shopify theme featuring a clean design that’s most suitable for lifestyle brands.

This theme comes with more than 40 different sections and features that allow you to setup a professional store that will leave your competition in the dust. Align theme is also great for building dropshipping stores.



Maker is the ideal Shopify theme for creating minimal online stores with an aesthetic look and feel. This theme features a visual-centric design that highlights your products with large images and videos.

Maker Shopify theme includes several useful functions that will make your shop more successful, such as visual storytelling features, fast-loading speeds, promo popups, stock alerts, and more.



Forge is a beautifully minimalist Shopify theme made with luxury brands in mind. It’s especially perfect for building online shops for jewelry and luxury lifestyle brands.

This theme has a product-focused design that elevates your high-end product lineup above all else. The theme also fully supports high-volume shops and includes cross-selling features, a sticky cart, and pre-order functions.



Area is a stylishly creative and minimalist Shopify theme that blends modern elements to create a bold, urban look for your store. This theme is perfect for contemporary brands and businesses.

Area Shopify theme includes several pre-made store designs you can choose from to create various styles of online shops. It’s especially ideal for showcasing branded apparel items in a more attractive way for the younger generations.



Flow is a great Shopify minimal theme you can use to setup a single product online store. It comes with a highly visual design where you can effectively showcase your product along with its variants in a modern layout.

Flow theme is perfect for single product stores but it supports high-volume, multi-category shops as well. There are lots of useful functions and features included with this theme, such as stock alerts, age verifiers, cross-selling, and a slide-out shopping cart.



Want to make a Shopify store that puts your products at the center stage? Then this theme is made just for you. The Responsive Shopify theme comes with a flexible, responsive design that looks amazing on all types of devices and screen sizes.

The Responsive theme is designed with a focus on products. It allows you to give more attention to your products with full-width images and editorial content. The theme also supports hero sections with videos, image zoom, and high-volume inventories.



Emporium is a modern, minimal Shopify theme that’s ideal for niche brands. This theme allows you to highlight your brand identity and products in a creative layout full of colors and image galleries.

Thanks to its built-in custom fields feature, you can easily customize the product pages of the theme. It also has features that support non-profit shops for raising funds, especially related to food and drinks.



Startup is a great Shopify theme you can use to setup a website for your startup businesses. It’s especially ideal for direct-to-consumer focused brands with niche products as well as for single-product stores.

One of the highlights of this theme is how it makes small product catalogs pop out of the overall design. It also includes editorial content for using storytelling to promote your products. And the theme is perfect for dropshipping stores as well.



This Shopify minimal theme is most suitable for brands and businesses that prefer to use bold visuals and images to highlight their brand. The Retina theme comes with a modern, boutique design that will make your brand look much more trendy and stylish.

Retina Shopify theme is ideal for both high-volume stores as well as physical stores. It includes a countdown timer, age verifier, color swatches, and promo popups as well.



Loft is a unique Shopify theme with a clean and minimal design that’s ideal for modern online stores. It’s especially perfect for shops that sell products related to interior design, furniture, and other lifestyle products.

This Shopify theme comes with a stock counter, a mega-menu, in-menu promos, promo tiles, and many other elements that will help promote your products and offer special discounts to your customers.



Portland is another minimal and modern Shopify theme especially designed for elegant fashion brands and lifestyle online stores. The theme utilizes the latest Shopify 2.0 features and comes with a built-in dark mode as well.

You can use the Portland theme to create high-volume stores and shops for physical stores too. It includes cross-selling features, a blog section, a FAQs section, and much more.



This Shopify theme features a simple, aesthetic design that will fit in perfectly for handmade jewelry and accessory item shops. The Handmade theme is designed with DIY shops in mind.

With more than 30 unique sections to choose from, this theme is fully customizable to fit any type of hand-crafted product store. It also supports Shopify 2.0 features as well as slide-out carts, countdown timers, stock counters, and more.

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