35 Beautifully Designed Shopify Themes for 2024

There are over 3.7 million online stores built on Shopify. If you were to explore some of these stores, they would mostly look the same since many of these stores still use the default free themes.

The key to building a successful Shopify store that drives continuous sales is to use a high-quality and professional theme that makes your shop look more authoritative and memorable. Today, we’ll help you achieve that goal.

In this post, we showcase some of the best and most beautifully designed Shopify themes you can use to setup an online store that stands out from the crowd.

The visual appeal of the theme design is important but we also made sure these themes have proper layouts that boost engagement and responsive designs that look great across various devices and platforms. Rest assured, you can’t go wrong with any of these Shopify themes.

Let’s dive in.

1. Area


Area is one of the most unique themes on our list. It features a very creative and stylish design with a minimalist aesthetic. And it’s perfect for modern fashion and lifestyle stores.

The clean and minimal design makes this a very lightweight and fast-loading theme. It’s also fully optimized for conversions with its quick setup options along with five different shop layouts to choose from.

2. Beyond


Beyond is the perfect theme for building a trendy lifestyle store on Shopify. The theme features a quite elegant and beautiful design that effectively highlights your products across the homepage of the website.

It is designed to keep your customers fully engaged on the website and persuade them to shop for more. The theme is ideal for both high-volume stores and boutique shops.

3. Galleria


Galleria is a visual-centric Shopify theme that lets you tell a story through its storytelling features and the unique column slideshow. It also has a beautiful gallery to showcase your brand.

The theme also features many useful features for making your store quite effective, including in-menu promos, pre-order systems, cross-selling, and much more.

4. Stockmart


Stockmart is a Shopify theme made for high-volume stores and it has a beautiful, classic retail store design, which delivers a smooth shopping experience to the customers.

It features more than 30 different sections to help you build the perfect online store for your brand. And it also includes light and dark layouts, visual storytelling features, promo popups, stock counters, and many other great options.

5. Foodie


Foodie is a high-conversion Shopify theme that is perfect for setting up shops for brands related to food products. It has 4 different homepage layouts that are ideal for coffee, tea, sports gear, and various other products.

Each element on this theme is crafted to boost conversions and customer retention. It also has a design suitable for dropshipping as well as physical stores. You can even run time-based sales using this theme.

6. Pipeline


Pipeline is a simple, elegant, and beautiful Shopify theme you can use to setup a store for a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle brand. It includes 4 pre-made homepage layouts to choose from.

Each page is designed with sections that you can customize using the drag-and-drop editor. It’s also made with a mobile-first approach and with the latest Shopify 2.0 features built into the theme design.

7. Erickson


Erickson is a modern and minimalist Shopify theme that features a clean and simple design. It’s available in 3 different pre-made layouts most suitable for niche brands and single-product shops.

The theme has product pages optimized for conversions with upselling features. The editorial content sections will also allow you to market your brand through storytelling and visuals.

8. Barcelona

barcelona shopify theme

Barcelona is a modern and flexible Shopify theme that features a bold and elegant design. This theme is capable of handling various types of online stores in the fashion and lifestyle niche.

It comes complete with a wide variety of collection layouts, cool icons, a slide-out cart, and many other useful features as well.

9. Prestige

prestige shopify theme

Prestige is the perfect Shopify theme for setting up online stores for selling high-end and luxury products. It has an attractive design that creates a stylish and daring aesthetic throughout the shop layout.

The theme also features more than 30 customizable sections along with a design optimized for fast loading speeds.

10. Fashionopolism

fashionpolism shopify theme

Whether you want to make an online shop to sell apparel items, unique lifestyle products, or beauty products, this Shopify theme comes with multiple homepage designs to help you setup the perfect store for your business.

Fashionopolism is a simple yet effective design with more than 30 sections and useful features like quick buy options, pre-order function, and support for in-person selling.

11. Sahara

sahara shopify theme

Sahara is a modern Shopify theme that’s most suitable for setting up stores for niche products like swimwear, sportswear, and seasonal clothing items.

It comes with a beautifully elegant design that highlights products with large images. The theme also supports stores with large product catalogs, slide-out cart options, and age verifiers.

12. Yuva

yuva shopify theme

Yuva is a great Shopify theme you can use to setup big Amazon-style online retail stores with lots of different categories. It includes 5 pre-made presets for you to choose from as well.

This Shopify theme features 39 different sections that can be customized to your preference. It also has a fully responsive design with fun animated stickers and product reels.

13. Shapes

shapes shopify theme

This is the perfect Shopify theme for setting up a website for single-product stores. It features a vibrant and colorful design that effectively highlights the product throughout the homepage.

Shapes theme is also available in 3 different variations. Of course, you can also customize it to change colors, arrange sections, and add cool animations according to your needs.

14. Xtra

xtra shopify theme

Xtra is another multipurpose Shopify theme you can use to setup multi-category online stores. This theme is especially great for dropshipping stores and online retail shops.

The theme also has lots of unique built-in eCommerce features for supercharging your store as well as more than 50 different sections and functions like stock counter and cross-selling.

15. Athens

athens shopify theme

Athens Shopify theme comes in 4 different presets that fit perfectly with many different types of niches and industries. It’s great for niche online stores like power tools, car parts, and tech gadgets as well.

This theme has a fast-loading design that also looks great across mobile and desktop platforms. It includes extensive multilingual support too.

16. Modular

modular shopify theme

Modular is a bold and minimalist Shopify theme that comes with attractive animations and a clean content design. This theme is ideal for niche product stores and single-product shops.

There are 3 different homepage presets to choose from and you can fully customize the design using its variety of sections and color swatches.

17. Empire

empire shopify theme

Empire is one of the most classy and professional-looking Shopify themes on our list. It features a modern design with plenty of space to showcase multiple product categories on the homepage.

This theme also comes with lots of sections and supports specifically made for dropshipping stores.

18. Fresh

fresh shopify theme

Fresh is a colorful, creative, and trendy Shopify theme that is made for single-product stores. It’s especially perfect for products like energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolate brands, and snacks.

The theme comes in 3 colorful variations featuring quick buy, age verifier, advanced product filtering, and cross-selling functions.

19. Aurora

aurora shopify theme

Aurora is the perfect Shopify theme for setting up tasteful websites for high-end fashion brands. It has a distinctive style of design that will make your online store stand out.

The theme features a stylish mega-menu with product previews that will boost your sales. It also includes many other great features like animations, a sticky cart, lookbooks, and product videos.

20. Icon

dolce shopify theme

Icon is a highly visual Shopify theme that allows you to show off your products with large images. The theme is especially great for fashion and apparel-themed online stores.

It comes with built-in upselling and cross-selling features to boost sales. And it also has a useful filtering system to help customers find specific products more quickly.

21. Crave

crave shopify theme

Crave is a colorful Shopify theme that lives up to its name by allowing you to create attractive online stores for food and drink-related brands.

This theme features a cool retro-style design with vibrant colors all across the homepage. It’s perfect for selling snacks, soft drinks, and other food items in a fun and creative way.

22. Align

align shopify theme

Align is a minimal Shopify theme that comes with a graceful and elegant design. This theme is especially perfect for selling luxury items and beauty products.

The theme features 4 different homepage presets with customizable sections. The shop page has been optimized to drive more conversions and sales as well.

23. Palo Alto

palo alto shopify theme

If you want to setup a store for a fashion brand or to sell your own merchandise, this Shopify theme is perfect for your business. It comes with a simple yet bold design that will highlight your products more effectively.

The Palo Alto theme also includes a lot of customizable features like color swatches as well as useful functionality like upselling, quick buy, and in-menu promotions.

24. Grid

grid shopify theme

Grid is a unique Shopify theme that puts a trendy spin on the homepage design. It’s full of colors and creative sections that allow you to shed new light on your brand and product lineups.

This theme is especially suitable for influencers, selling merchandise, and niche products. The theme comes with a multi-column menu, masonry grid-style layout, and multiple page layouts to choose from.

25. Editions

editions shopify theme

Editions is a beautifully minimalist Shopify theme that comes with a clean and simple design. It’s perfect for selling niche products and for making stores for lifestyle and beauty products.

This theme includes several different product page layouts as well as various other useful features like lookbooks, countdown timers, and promo banners.

26. Stockholm

stockholm shopify theme

Stockholm Shopify theme is most suitable for setting up online shops for interior design and furniture brands. This theme has a clean design that allows you to showcase your products in a professional manner.

There are lots of cool features in this theme like customizable sliders, flyout shopping cart, countdown timers, and mega menus as well.

27. Marble

marble shopify theme

Marble is a trendy Shopify them for making stylish fashion and lifestyle stores. It features a flashy design with cool product showcase sections and a lightweight layout that loads fast.

This theme is especially great for creating high-volume stores with multiple categories. It has 20 different sections with cross-selling, in-menu promo, and countdown timers.

28. Venue

venue shopify theme

Venue is a theme made for sporting goods and gear. It’s great for setting up a store for selling surfing gear, skateboards, cycling, and various other products as well.

This theme has a modern look featuring large visuals and 4 attractive homepage presets to choose from. It also includes multiple sections for customizing the design.

29. Ira

ira shopify theme

Ira is a bold and trendy Shopify theme that comes with many cool features like a video header section and flexible grid-based product sections.

This theme is most suitable for selling niche fashion and lifestyle products. It has lots of functions for boosting sales like stock counters, in-menu promos, and slide-out shopping carts.

30. Testament

testament shopify theme

This beautifully elegant Shopify theme is ideal for your high-end lifestyle stores. It has an aesthetically pleasing design that will fit right in with luxury brands and products.

The theme includes multiple sections and gives you full customization over the design. You can use it to setup high-volume and dropshipping stores too.

31. Maker

maker shopify theme

Maker Shopify theme is a great choice for making online stores for selling beauty products like perfume, creams, lotions, and other niche products.

It comes with 3 presets featuring colorful designs that effectively showcase your products in an attractive way. The theme is also lightweight and loads fast.

32. Focal

focal shopify theme

Use this Shopify theme to effortlessly sell your unique and niche products. It’s especially perfect for influencers and creators for selling their merchandise as well as for setting up single-product stores.

The Focal theme has a bright and colorful design that instantly attracts attention. And it comes with color swatches, sections, and promo banners for building a complete online store.

33. Avenue

avenue shopify theme

If you want to setup a Shopify store to sell products like power tools and gardening tools, this theme is the perfect fit for your website.

Avenue is a modern Shopify theme that comes in 3 variations. It’s ideal for niche product stores as it comes with a store locator, extensive product filtering, and sub-collections.

34. Fetch

fetch shopify theme

You can use this Shopify theme to build a beautiful online shop to sell pet food products. It has three different store styles to choose from and features a clean design to attract attention with large images of cute dogs.

The theme looks exceptionally great on mobile devices and has a unique image layout system as well.

35. Impact

impact shopify theme

Impact is a great Shopify theme you can use to setup niche product stores and it’s especially ideal for tech gadgets and peripherals.

The theme includes a powerful mega-menu that supports in-menu promos. And it also features 35 different sections and gradient color schemes.

36. Retina

retina shopify theme

Retina is another elegant Shopify theme that features a stylish design. It’s perfect for showcasing high-end apparel and luxury fashion items.

This theme has a tall header section for featuring large image previews of your products along with additional features like countdown timers, quick view, and color swatches for customization.

37. Fame

fame shopify theme

Fame is a bold and modern Shopify theme featuring cool and a hipster-style design. This theme is perfect for attracting younger audiences to your store.

It features more than 25 sections with customizable designs and includes a special system for running flash sales for time-limited promotions.