25+ Best Club Flyer Templates

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking party flyer (we’ve written about how to design your own flyer before). But for an even quicker solution, these pre-made templates come with attractive designs made by professionals. All you have to do is open the template with Photoshop or Illustrator and edit them.

Whether you’re planning a summer beach party, a birthday party, or a club night, this collection has a template for every fun occasion. Plus, our tips for club flyer design and our club flyer background graphics will help get your project off to a great start.

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Top Pick

Urban Club Flyer Template

Urban Club Flyer Template

This is a multipurpose flyer template you can use to create flyers and posters for various modern clubs and club events. It’s most suitable for making flyers for urban, techno, and other modern clubs.

The template comes with organized layers allowing you to easily customize the design and text however you want.

Why This Is A Top Pick

What makes this flyer template special is that it comes with multiple variations of the template featuring different color schemes you can use without having to customize the entire design. You can easily edit it using Photoshop as well.

Retro Club Party Flyer & Poster Template

Retro Club Party Flyer & Poster Template

This colorful club party flyer is ideal for making flyers for a modern club event. The template comes in A4 size with organized layers. All of the photos and graphics are also included in the template as well.

Music Night Club Flyer Template

Music Night Club Flyer Template

Use this creative and minimalist template to create an attractive flyer to promote special music nights and events at your club. The template is available in AI and PSD file formats.

80’s Retro Neon Club Flyer Template

80's Retro Neon Club Flyer Template

Another retro-themed flyer template featuring a colorful and easily editable design. This template also comes in both AI and PSD file formats and the AI version features fully vector design for customizing it however you like.

Dia De Los Muertos Flyer Template

Dia De Los Muertos Flyer Template

Planning on hosting a special club event to celebrate the day of the dead? Then this flyer template will come in handy. It comes in PSD and AI file formats.

Club Vision Flyer Template PSD

Club Vision Flyer Template

This modern flyer is perfect for promoting regular events at your club. It comes in multiple color variations and with fully organized layers to let you customize the design using Photoshop.

Free Music Club Flyer Template

Free Music Club Flyer Template

A modern and minimalist club flyer template you can download and use for free. It comes in A4 size PSD file with organized layers and customizable text and colors.

Summer Club Party Flyer Template

Summer Club Party Flyer Template

If you’re promoting a summer-themed club event, this free flyer template will help you create an attractive flyer for your club for free. It includes a matching social media post template as well.

City Light – Club Event Flyer Template

City Light - Club Event Flyer

You can use this brilliant club flyer template to design a unique flyer to promote your urban and modern club events. The template comes in PSD file format with organized layers to let you edit it without a hassle.

Deazy – Club Flyer Template

best club flyer templates

Next in our list of the best club flyer templates is Deazy, a stylish and modern party invitation design that is sure to impress. It offers a stunning layout, well-organized layers, free fonts, and tons of customizable features.

DJ Club Flyer Set

best club flyer templates

This party flyer is a bold, and classy option that instantly grabs attention. The template has a chic design that can be fully customized to your liking. Using this flyer template, you can be rest assured to get the best crowd at the club.

Night Club Flyer Template

best club flyer templates

Check out this gorgeously designed template perfectly suited for a retro-themed summer beach party. It features a clean, and attractive layout, CMYK color mode, 300 DPI resolution, and a high-quality print-ready format.

Free Friday Club Party Flyer Template

best club flyer templates

Wanting to get the perfect flyer for your next club event or party? Look no further than this beautiful template that has everything you need to attract the crowd and have them drop by at the venue on time. It’s free and up for grabs.

Free Summer Nights Flyer Template

best club flyer templates

Here we have another freebie featuring a modern, and bold design ideal for a summer party event. It’s fully layered and organized making customization a piece of cake. Undoubtedly, one of the best party flyer templates out there!

Galaxy – Club Event Flyer Template

Galaxy - Club Event Flyer Template

Another modern club flyer template that comes in multiple color variations. This template is also easily customizable with Photoshop and features an attractive design that will fit in with many different types of club parties and events.

Valentine Party Club Flyer Template

Valentine Party Flyer

This minimalist party flyer template is perfect for designing a flyer for Valentine’s day party or an event. It features a simple yet an effective design and you can easily edit the PSD file to customize and add content of your own.

Club Event Flyer Template

Club Event Flyer

This flyer template comes with a design made specifically for club parties and music events. It features space for featuring a photo of your featured guests and artists as well as a colorful design to attract attention.

Free Friday Club Flyer Template

Free Friday Club Flyer Template

The modern and elegant design of this flyer template makes it a great choice for promoting many different types of club events and parties. The template features a matching Facebook event cover template as well.

Free Urban Sound Club Flyer Template

Free Urban Sound Club Flyer Template

This modern flyer template allows you to create a professional club flyer for free of charge using Photoshop. The template comes as an easily editable PSD file with organized layers.

Tango Dance Flyer Template

Tango Dance Flyer

Promote tango dance club events and contests using this elegant flyer template. The template comes in 2 different color variants and in PSD format to let you easily customize it to your preference.

Future Club Flyer Template

Future Club Flyer

This is a modern flyer template featuring a futuristic design. It’s perfect to promote new club openings and other special events. The template comes with multiple color versions and you can easily edit it using Photoshop.

Motorcycle Club Event Flyer

Motorcycle Club Event

This minimalist flyer template is made for motorcycle clubs and events. It features a retro-themed design that fits both modern and old-school bikers. The template is easily customizable and you can even change its colors.

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Another club event and party flyer template for promoting dance parties. This template comes with a colorful and an attractive design. You can also include your own model photo for the flyer using Photoshop.

Electro 80’s DJ Party Flyer

Electro 80's DJ Party Flyer

A retro-themed party flyer template you can use to promote your special club events and DJ parties. This template comes in a 4 x 6-inch PSD file and it’s easily customizable as well.

Cocktail Party Club Flyer Template

Cocktail Party Flyer

Planning a fun cocktail party? Then use this template to get everyone’s attention. The template comes with a creative and a fun design. It’s also available in 2 different color variants.

Friday Night Free Club Party Flyer Template

Friday Night Club Party Flyer Template

The modern and creative design of this template makes it most suitable for urban clubs. The template is free to use with and you can customize it using Photoshop CS6 or higher.

Free Music Night Club Flyer Template

Free Music Night Club Flyer Template

This free club event flyer comes with matching Facebook event cover templates to help you promote your events more easily. Both are easily customizable as well.

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

This is a unique flyer template that comes with a creative typographic design depicting a beer glass. It’s designed for promoting happy hour events at clubs and pubs. This template also comes in a fully layered PSD file.

5 Tips for Club Flyer Design

Follow these tips when designing a club flyer or picking a template to make sure you craft an effective flyer for your client.

1. Make It Visually Appealing

Club Sounds Flyer

Designing club flyers can be really fun as it gives you the freedom to use colorful designs with lots of visuals. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your creative side and design more visually appealing flyers.

2. Use Bold Fonts

Fonts play a key role in every flyer and poster design. However, for club flyers, you should consider using fonts that relate to the club itself. For example, a modern and futuristic font design will be a great match for a techno-themed club. Or a retro font for a classical or karaoke club.

Disco Dance Poster Flyer

Whichever font you end up choosing, make sure it has a clean and bold design that’s easy to read even from a distance.

3. Create a Proper Color Palette


Glamour Club Flyer

Even though club flyers usually have colorful designs, you shouldn’t use every color you can think of in your design. Start by creating a color palette based on the theme of the flyer you’re working on.

4. Add Shapes, Icons, and Images

Waves Club Flyer Poster

In addition to the colorful backgrounds and fonts, you can also add creative shapes, graphics, icons, and appropriate images to make your design more attractive. You can especially use such graphic elements to highlight the important parts of your flyer as well.

5. Get a Template

90's Music DJ party Flyer

Of course, the easiest way to design a professional-looking club flyer without having to do all the work is to use a pre-made template. These flyer templates are easily editable and let you save a lot of time and money that goes into buying graphics, icons, and fonts as well.

Bonus: 5 Club Flyer Background Graphics

If you’re looking for a gorgeous background for your flyer, try these handpicked high-resolution backgrounds.

Dance Party Floor Background

Dance Party Floor Background

This colorful party floor background is perfect for designing an entertaining flyer or a poster. It comes with 5 different color versions as well.

Glittering Light Grid Background

Glittering Light Grid Background

The dark-colored design of this background will allow you to effectively highlight the main contents of your flyer design. It’s also available in 3 different color designs.

Dance Light Wall Background

Dance Light Wall Background

This creative dance light wall background comes in 3 color versions. It’s ideal for making a flyer for a dance or DJ event at your club.

Dance Party Boxes Background

Dance Party Boxes Background

Another colorful background you can use to craft flyers for various events. This background also includes 5 different color variations.

Dots – Colorful Party Backgrounds

Dots - Colorful Party Backgrounds

This is a bundle of 8 modern and creative backgrounds featuring colorful dots. The backgrounds are available in high-resolution JPG files.

If you’re looking for a flyer design for a music event, check out our music and band flyer templates collection.