15+ Best Shopify Blog Templates & Themes

In the eCommerce marketplace, a well-crafted blog is a powerful tool for engaging customers, enhancing SEO, and building your brand’s narrative.

Recognizing this, we’ve scoured the Shopify themes directory to find you the best Shopify blog templates to help you setup successful online stores with blog sections for generating traffic and attracting more customers to your shop.

Whether you’re looking to share behind-the-scenes stories, product insights, or industry news, the right Shopify blog template can elevate your content and engage your audience. As well as build trust and rank higher on Google.

In this collection, you’ll find all sorts of Shopify themes with blog templates. From minimalist designs that highlight your narratives to feature-rich templates that encourage interaction and social sharing, these themes will help you stand out from the crowd. Have a look.

1. Praise


Praise is a creative and trendy Shopify theme you can use to setup an online store for a niche brand or business, like brands specializing in snacks, cookies, and hand-crafted items.

The theme includes 3 different homepage layouts to choose from and it’s fully optimized for editorial content to help showcase your brand and messaging with long-form text sections. It has a beautiful blog section as well.

2. Barcelona


This Shopify theme comes with a classy look and a minimalist vibe, making it a perfect choice for setting up a shop for lifestyle and beauty-themed online stores.

Barcelona theme lets you choose from 5 different styles of designs to make an attractive homepage and it features a blog section where you can share brand stories, product spotlights, and give behind-the-scenes looks.

3. Mode


Mode is a powerful Shopify theme that can handle both small niche stores and big shops with large inventories. It includes a blog section that will make things much easier to promote products and your brand.

The theme has 3 distinctive homepage layouts catered for different types of online stores that have been optimized for visual storytelling. You can also customize the layouts to your preference.

4. Stockholm


If you’re looking for a clean and minimalist Shopify theme to create a modern online store for your business, Stockholm is a theme worth checking out. It’s especially a great choice for home interior, furniture, beauty, and fashion-related brands.

Stockholm Shopify theme also comes with lots of additional features to help boost your shop sales and awareness, including a featured-packed blogs section, FAQs page, product reviews, and promo popups.

5. Foodie


Foodie is a Shopify theme that has been optimized to drive more conversions and sales. It features 4 beautifully crafted homepage layouts with contemporary vibes.

This theme also has a blog section with support for product reviews, promo banners, and much more. You can use this theme to setup shops for both online and physical stores, as well as dropshipping stores.

6. Empire


If you’re planning on setting up an online marketplace or a dropshipping store with a large inventory, this Shopify theme is perfect for your business. It features a design that supports massive product catalogs and categories.

The Empire theme also has lots of additional features like a blog section, a section to showcase press coverage, promo tiles, and more.

7. Modular


Modular is a Shopify theme designed for businesses seeking colorful and lively designs. It features attractive section layouts that come together on the homepage to offer a modern look for each design.

The theme includes 3 different homepage designs featuring blog layouts, a press coverage section, a FAQs page, and much more to help establish a professional online store for your business.

8. Startup


Just as the name suggests, this Shopify theme is made with startups and niche brands in mind. It features a one-page style homepage layout with sections to describe and promote your product effectively.

The theme is also available in 4 different layouts and you can customize each to your preference. The theme includes a blog section, FAQs page, and product review features as well.

9. Aurora


Aurora is a modern Shopify theme that comes loaded with useful features, including a blog section, a stylish mega-menu, and a visually striking homepage design

This theme is ideal for modern fashion and lifestyle brands as well as for beauty and niche product brands to promote their business online. It’s available in 2 different design styles.

10. Motion


Motion is a beautiful Shopify theme for creating bold and niche online store websites. It has a large header section that allows you to feature a big image to grab attention as well as more than 20 sections to showcase products and other details.

This theme also comes with a blog section, a FAQ page, popups, and other features to help spread the word about your business and attract more customers

11. Flow


Flow is a modern Shopify theme that’s most suitable for single-product online stores. This theme has a bold design that highlights your product quite effectively throughout the homepage.

There are 3 different homepage designs included with this theme and they can be easily customized to create stores for high-volume shops as well.

12. Expression


This Shopify theme is perfect for setting up an online store for beauty and fashion-related businesses. You can choose from 4 different homepage layouts to create the perfect online shop with a blog section.

The theme also includes support for editorial content, lots of space to showcase images, promotional banners, stock counters, and much more.

13. Erickson


If you’re looking for a minimalist theme for your online store, this Shopify theme is perfect for your needs. It features a simple and clean design that also effectively highlights your products.

The Erickson theme features a modern minimalist design and it also features extensive customizable features to help make the theme match your branding. There’s a blog layout and a FAQs page included with the theme as well.

14. Venue


Venue is the perfect Shopify theme for setting up stores for niche products. You can setup a beautiful store to sell your sports gear, merchandise, and gadgets using this modern store theme.

Venue theme also comes with a section for setting up a blog. It also lets you create age-restricted products and offers additional features like gift wrapping, in-cart notes, and much more.

15. Marble


Looking for a bold and beautiful theme to setup a store for a fashion brand? Then this Shopify theme is the only theme you need.

Marble is a modern Shopify theme that comes in 3 different styles of homepage layouts. It also has more than 20 sections for customizing the homepage and showcasing your products.

16. Paper


A trendy Shopify theme for modern online shops. Paper is a creative theme that comes with a stylish homepage design that has also been optimized for speed.

This theme is ideal for creating online stores for all kinds of stores from power tools to hardware products, and even fashion, clothing, and lifestyle brands. It lets you choose from 4 different homepage layouts and includes a blog section too.

17. Unicorn


Unicorn is a Shopify theme that truly lives up to its name. It’s a unique theme that features an attractive and attention-grabbing design. It has a large header section with animated titles and a stylish content layout.

The theme also includes a blog template, a FAQ page, product reviews, and more to suit businesses of all sizes.