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Pop Out CSS Menu

For websites with a complex hierarchy of navigation, using a pop out menu can allow you to easily find your way to what you want quickly. Using CSS to create one is a snap, and is easy to update.

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View the Pop Out Menu Example

This is a simple menu, coded semantically with XHTML and CSS. It uses a list to show the menu, and generates the layout of the links from the CSS file. You will need to download our style sheet, download the whatever:hover file from Peter Nederlof to get the menu working in Internet Explorer. You add the following HTML to your code, altering it to fit your needs:


CSS Code

You can download a copy of the CSS code for this example, then copy and paste it into the head section of your page. Combine that with the whatever:hover file from above in the same directory, and the detailed HTML code – you’ll have a beautiful popup menu in no time!