Aviationstack Provides Real-Time Flight Data

Never miss a flight again! Or at least help your website visitors ensure that they don’t. Aviationstck is a real-time flight status and global aviation data API that makes integrating airport information into your website or app a breeze.

This helpful API scrapes all the right data so that your website outsmarts the competition, and saves you a huge amount of work with queuing different datasets and locations.

Here’s a look at aviationstack and how you can make use of it in projects.

What is aviationstack?

aviation api

Aviationstack is an API that pulls flight tracking and airport timetable data into a single API web service that you can use in projects. The API includes data from around the globe, including real-time flight statuses.

The API was built to deliver real-time, accurate data, but it also provides historical information as well. The aviationstack API is integrated with one of the most sophisticated providers of aviation data on the market, so it updates every 30 to 60 seconds. (You’ll be hard-pressed to find a quicker solution.)

The API also pulls in airline routes, airport and aircraft information, and destination locations. The API includes data from more than 10,000 airports, 19,000 airplanes, 300 airplane types, 13,000 airlines in 9,000 cities and 250 countries, and more than 500 aviation taxes.

Aviationstack is a scalable REST API, so any website from a simple blog to a major enterprise can benefit from using it, and it will continue to work.

The API is used by more than 5,000 companies around the world and is built and maintained by apilayer, the company behind some of the most popular developer tools, SaaS products, and APIs currently on the market — including ipstack, eversign, invoicely and more, making it a tool you can trust.

Who Should Use It?

Aviationstack is a tool that can work for a variety of website uses.

A few examples of use include:

  • Booking websites or platforms
  • Visualizing flight information or building infographics
  • Monitoring flights for an event or hobby
  • Flight tracking applications by day, airline, location, and more

Key Features

aviation api

One of the best features of aviationstack is that you can use it for free (up to a certain level).

And it comes with a lot of functionality that can grow with your API needs. Key features include:

  • Built on a powerful infrastructure that can handle any requests that you throw at it
  • Accurate data that works for any flight at any stage in the flight
  • Updated every 30 to 60 seconds, so information is in real-time for live flight tracking
  • Ability to pull historical flight data
  • Look up airline routes
  • Find information and lookup airports, airlines, airplanes, cities, countries or aviation taxes
  • Almost 100% uptime rate (99.9%) in the past 12 months
  • Easy to use and just takes 10 minutes (and a few lines of code) to integrate into your website
  • Uses a simple, JSON REST API
  • Comes with extensive documentation
  • Has bank-grade security
  • Scalable service that can grow with your website or business


There are plenty of options for using aviationstack with multiple pricing plans that are pretty flexible, from free to paid plans for heavier volume users.

Aviationstack also offers a discount for annual billing (you can save up to 20 percent) and custom pricing for enterprise-level users.

  • Free: Designed for personal use (no credit card required), and includes 500 requests per month, full aviation data, real-time flights, and limited support.
  • Basic ($49.99 per month): Includes 10,000 requests per month, a commercial license, full aviation data, real-time flights, historical flights, HTTPS encryption, airline routes, autocomplete, and unlimited support.
  • Professional ($149.99 per month): Includes everything in basic plus 50,000 requests per month and extended access limits.
  • Business ($499.99 per month): Includes everything in professional plus 250,000 requests per month.


If you need airline or flight data for your website, aviationstack is the place to start. The powerful API can ensure that your users get just the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Take it for a spin; this tool can add robust features to your website and is easy to use and manage. Try it today.