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Plausible: New Updates to the Best Google Analytics Alternative

Reviews / 7 Feb 2024

Plausible: New Updates to the Best Google Analytics Alternative

Since our review last year, Plausible has been busy adding more useful and powerful features to its open-source analytics platform. Let’s have a look and see how it has improved.

While Plausible has been improving its platform to better serve its users with new features, nothing has changed with Google Analytics. In fact, things got even worse.

In July 2023, Google discontinued support for its Universal Analytics and forced all users to switch to its new and overcomplicated Google Analytics 4 system. And in July 2024, users will no longer have access to their old Universal Analytics properties and will lose all the data as well.

This was a frustrating experience for most users, to say the least. The new Google Analytics 4 is not only difficult to use but many users have noticed that it’s also slower compared to Universal Analytics.

As a result, even the most loyal Google Analytics users started looking for better alternatives. And that’s when we came across Plausible.

Uniqode: A Full-Featured QR Code Generator

Reviews / 8 Jan 2024

Uniqode: A Full-Featured QR Code Generator

Are you in search of an effective custom QR Code generator for your company? We’ve evaluated numerous QR Code generators over recent months, utilizing both free and paid options. Our focus today is on Uniqode, a prominent player in the QR Code generator market.

Modern marketing teams striving to balance online and offline strategies through hyper-personalization will find Uniqode an excellent QR Code generator to consider.

This article will explore why Uniqode might be your ideal choice for QR Code marketing and highlight its unique features.

5 Artful Advantages of Using .ART Domains

Reviews / 14 Nov 2023

5 Artful Advantages of Using .ART Domains

One common thing among every successful designer is a killer portfolio website where they showcase all their best work and attract new clients.

While having a great-looking website design helps, another important aspect of making a great portfolio is the domain name. A catchy and distinctive domain name is key to making your portfolio look much more professional and memorable.

Using a unique domain extension is a surefire way to achieve that goal. Instead of using the same old .com and .net domains, many artists are now using the new .art domain extension.

Using a .art domain can bring many benefits and advantages, allowing artists and creatives to stand out from the crowd. In this post, we take a look at why you should ditch the widely popular .com domains to get a .art domain for your design portfolio.

CapCut Creative Suite Unleashed: Masterful Editing Made Easy

Reviews / 10 Nov 2023

CapCut Creative Suite Unleashed: Masterful Editing Made Easy

CapCut is one of the most popular video editing apps among content creators but it’s not just a video editing tool; it’s now an entire ecosystem designed to elevate your content.

CapCut Creative Suite is the ultimate toolkit for content creators and agencies aiming to produce stunning video and image content. This comprehensive suite goes beyond traditional video editing, with advanced AI technology to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration among teams.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with intuitive templates or fine-tuning with multi-track editing, CapCut empowers you to craft professional-level content with ease. Its user-friendly features, like the online photo editor and the video editor with auto-captioning, an extensive library of royalty-free music, and a background removal tool, offer endless creative possibilities.

And the best part? You can jump right in, CapCut is free to use!

Kinsta Static Hosting: Host 100 Websites for Free

Reviews / 2 Nov 2023

Kinsta Static Hosting: Host 100 Websites for Free

Kinsta has introduced a new service that allows you to host static websites on its servers and it’s completely free to use!

Kinsta is one of the most reputable hosting providers in the world that specializes in managed WordPress hosting. In addition to their impressive WordPress hosting packages, Kinsta also offers many useful tools, such as DevKinsta, for web designers and developers, free of charge.

The new Kinsta Static Hosting service is the latest to join this growing free tools kit. This service allows anyone to host a static website on Kinsta servers for free. You can even use static site builders to setup a website within minutes. And it’s perfect for setting up a simple portfolio or resume website for freelancers and professionals.

Let’s dive in and see how Kinsta Static Hosting works.

Procreate Dreams: A First Look at the All-New Animation App

Reviews / 27 Oct 2023

Procreate Dreams: A First Look at the All-New Animation App

Creative artists will soon become aspiring animators with the help of Procreate Dreams, a brand-new animation app from the creators of the renowned digital painting app on the iPad.

Much like its sister app, Procreate Dreams comes packed with lots of innovative features and tools that make 2D animation a breeze, even for complete beginners.

It will surely be a game-changing app that will elevate artists, illustrators, and designers to new heights by empowering them to make their characters and drawings come alive.

Let’s take a closer look at Procreate Dreams and see what this new animation app has to offer.

UIBundle: A One-Stop Shop for Design Resources, Freebies, & Tips

Reviews / 29 Sep 2023

UIBundle: A One-Stop Shop for Design Resources, Freebies, & Tips

Every designer has a favorite website where they go to download free templates, fonts, and UI kits. Usually, you keep multiple websites bookmarked for different types of design resources. What if you could download them all from one place?

UIBundle offers precisely that. It’s a marketplace full of design resources available in popular categories. This site has everything from wireframe kits to icon packs, mockups, and more, all in one place.

The best part is most of the design resources on UIBundle are entirely free to download. Basically, it’s every designer’s heaven.

Let’s take a closer look at this marketplace and see what it has to offer.

Market Test: Get Real Human Feedback on Your Designs

Reviews / 27 Sep 2023

Market Test: Get Real Human Feedback on Your Designs

Conjointly’s Market Test is a suite of surveying tools that allows you to quickly and efficiently test and validate your designs from a group of real US consumers, at a very affordable price.

Testing your designs and content on real consumers has many benefits for both designers and businesses. It not only validates your ideas and concepts but also allows you to make data-driven decisions based on real feedback from consumers.

This is why most big design agencies and corporations have their own focus groups with real consumers to test everything from brand logos to product descriptions before making any final decisions.

Conjointly’s Market Test offers an agile and affordable solution for Market Research, making it the perfect fit for small agencies, freelance designers, and small businesses.

This post showcases what Conjointly Market Test offers and how it can benefit designers and businesses.

LimeWire: AI Content Publishing Platform With a Spin

Reviews / 5 Sep 2023

LimeWire: AI Content Publishing Platform With a Spin

As we are at the height of AI technology and innovation, new AI-powered tools are being introduced almost every day. LimeWire is a new platform that has joined this growing roster of generative AI tools.

LimeWire is not just another AI tool. It takes a different approach to AI content generation while offering creators ways to share and even monetize their AI content creations.

Today, we check out LimeWire to see what it has to offer, what kind of features and benefits it has for creators, and how you can use it to create AI images for free. Let’s dive in.

Localazy: Effortlessly Translate & Localize Figma Projects

Reviews / 27 Jul 2023

Localazy: Effortlessly Translate & Localize Figma Projects

Design localization is a difficult but necessary process. Making your designs more accessible and available to people around the world is arguably the most important part of UI and UX design.

Usually, you have to spend a big budget on agencies and hire expert translators to localize your designs. And it often makes the localization process more confusing, especially when working with different professionals for translating languages and alternating between LTR and RTL languages.

Even when you finally have your designs translated, you will then have to deal with other problems like text expansion or contraction, which forces you to go back to the drawing board to alter your designs.

We came across a new Figma plugin that offers a much smoother way of localizing your designs. While it’s not a complete solution for all of the aforementioned issues, it certainly makes the process of translating designs much simpler.

Today, we take a look at Localazy, a Figma plugin that allows you to easily and effortlessly translate your Figma projects. As well as to test compatibility in different languages.

Webdesigner News: Stay Up-to-Date on All-Things Web Design

Reviews / 23 Jul 2023

Webdesigner News: Stay Up-to-Date on All-Things Web Design

If you’re an avid learner who constantly surfs blogs and websites to learn new things, you’re going to love Webdesigner News.

The learning never ends for creative professionals. And it’s especially true for web designers as there is always a new trend, new technique, or new concept to learn in this industry.

Webdesigner News is probably the only site you’ll need to bookmark to not just learn about the latest trends but also to stay up-to-date on all the latest news related to web design. Not to mention all the great resources and free downloads.

Here’s why you should check out Webdesigner News.

WunderUI: The All-in-One Design System Boosting Your Design Process

Inspiration / 21 Jul 2023

WunderUI: The All-in-One Design System Boosting Your Design Process

Design systems have become indispensable tools for modern design teams, providing a consistent and efficient approach to creating cohesive user experiences.

WunderUI design system and UI kit is a powerful tool for creatives to simplify the design processes and development of digital products.

Among the many outstanding design systems available, WunderUI stands out as a powerful and versatile solution.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and features of WunderUI, highlighting how it can streamline your design process and elevate your UI design to new heights.