Manage Exchange Rates With Ease With Currencyapi

If you have a website that encompasses money, financial information, or exchange rates, you may benefit from currencyapi, a tool that handles exchange rate conversions for you.

One of the trickiest parts of exchange rates is knowing conversions in real-time, this API takes all the guesswork out of it for you with current and historical foreign exchange rate data. It’s a full-featured approach, wrapped in a really simple API system.

Here’s a look at the tool and how it can work for you.

What is currencyapi?

currencyapi is an easy-to-use and feature-complete JSON REST API that provides real-time and historical currency exchange data.

The API is fast and secure and designed with developers in mind.

currencyapi is a feature-rich API that supports 170+ currencies around the world, including cryptocurrencies. It updates every 60 seconds to actual real-time data, and it’s reliably based on a REST infrastructure that handles millions of requests per day.

The tool sources data from multiple, trusted financial data providers and international banks to ensure accurate information. That might be one of the reasons big companies such as SAP, Coca-Cola, and Fossil use this tool. To date, brands from more than 80 countries in all types of industries use currencyapi to manage exchange rate information on their websites.

The API is fast and secure and designed with developers in mind. They will appreciate the experience, portal for getting started, and documentation.

You won’t have to worry about downtime or outages with currencyapi; it has a 99.99% uptime rate over the last 12 months and an always-on status page so you can see it in action.

Who Should Use It?

A currency exchange API is at the core of many websites that deliver financial or pricing information. You might be surprised at the wide-ranging application for a tool such as this.

Use cases include:

  • E-commerce or online store that ships to multiple countries or locations. This tool can provide actual pricing in real-time for your item in your location in the currency you use.
  • Data collection and spreadsheets that need accurate live and historical exchange rates to feed documents and power decision-making.
  • Analytics to help you better understand sales or other business goals when your company works internationally or handles different types of currencies.
  • Almost any situation where you work with more than one currency type and need to understand exchange rates. If you aren’t sure what your needs are, the currencyapi team can help you walk through other use cases.

Key Features

While the obvious benefit of currencyapi is the ability to handle real-time exchange rates, other key features help this tool stand out.

  • Current and historical exchange rates
  • 170+ supported currency pairs
  • Data is updated every minute
  • Fast, secure API (with excellent documentation like this)
  • Developer-friendly
  • Can handle millions of requests per second
  • Sourced from trusted ad reliable data sources
  • Clear documentation
  • Strong customer support
  • Support for multiple programming languages
  • Available Postman Collection
  • Multiple plans and pricing tiers based on your needs


With 5 plans for companies of every size, currencyapi has something to fit your business needs. Options even include a free plan, that’s ideal for getting started. Plus, all plans include a 20% discount when you select annual billing.

Pricing plans include:

  • Free: Includes 300 requests per month, 1 API key, HTTPS encryption, 10 requests/min., daily updates, latest rates, and historical rates
  • Small ($9.99 per month): This plan is best for smaller, hobby projects and includes 15,000 requests per month, 1 API key, HTTPS encryption, no rate limit, hourly updates, latest rates, historical rates, convert rates, and email support
  • Medium ($34.99 per month): This plan has more features and is the most popular for currencyapi customers and includes 600,000 requests per month, 2 API keys, HTTPS encryption, no rate limit, 60-second updates, latest rates, historical rates, convert rates, range endpoints, email support, and team management
  • Large ($74.99 per month): Includes 1,700,000 requests per month, 5 API keys, HTTPS encryption, no rate limit, 60-second updates, latest rates, historical rates, convert rates, range endpoints, email support, team management, and SLA
  • Custom: Includes custom requests, custom API keys, HTTPS encryption, no rate limit, 60-second updates, latest rates, historical rates, convert rates, range endpoints, tailored support, team management, custom SLA, and custom features

More Tools to Explore

The company behind currencyapi also has a free and reliable worldwide phone number lookup and validation API. This tool, numlookupapi, can be a great complement to currencyapi, especially for e-commerce stores or any website that relies on phone number data entry.

What this tool does is allows you to automate the phone number validation process by checking carrier information with a lookup API. Data is available for more than 230 countries and it is easy to get started. More than 15,000 companies are already using numlookupapi.


If dealing with exchange rates is part of your website or business, currencyapi is the tool for you. It’s safe, reliable, pretty much never goes down, and keeps your website visitors and customers informed in real-time.

For e-commerce, this can translate to real-time pricing for sales in other countries and even stronger sales because shoppers can see actual prices in their currency.

You can try currencyapi for free to see if the tool and these features work for your website or business and then upgrade to a paid plan if you have greater needs. Try it today.