Envato Elements vs Motion Array: Which to Choose in 2024?

If you’re a freelancer or content creator looking for an all-in-one place to download stock videos, music, templates, and graphics, Motion Array and Envato Elements are two of the best platforms worth considering.

Both these platforms offer unlimited access to their entire collection of digital assets for a single price, but their unique features, plugins, and subscription offerings set them apart.

So, what makes Envato Elements different from Motion Array? Who should use them? Which platform offers the best value for your money?

In this post, we dive deep to explore these two giant marketplaces to find all the answers. Let’s get started.

What is Motion Array?

motion array

Motion Array is a marketplace dedicated to filmmakers and content creators. It features a large collection of video templates, stock videos, music, sound effects, plugins, and much more.

Motion Array has been around since 2013 and for many years, it provided both premium and free video templates for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro users. Recently, the platform extended its offering by adding stock footage, music, and graphics to its offering, which now boasts more than 1 million assets.

You can access them all through its subscription plan.

Main Features

motion array 2

These are some of the best features of Motion Array.

Unlimited Access to 1 Million Assets

Motion Array library includes thousands of video templates as well as a huge selection of stock footage, stock photos, and graphics. It’s a total of over 1 million digital assets. You can access this entire collection with its subscription plan and download as many items as you want.

Video Templates and Motion Graphics

The Premiere Pro, After Effects, and DaVinci Resolve templates collection available on Motion Array is quite impressive. You’ll find everything from intro templates to slideshows, transitions, logo stings, and much more in one place.

Graphics, Photos, and More

The recently introduced stock photos and graphics sections on Motion Array will help you find the perfect items to make your videos look more professional. You can also download sound effects and music from Motion Array as well.

Professional Video Plugins

The brand-new video plugins section on Motion Array lets you access a collection of over 50 plugins for supercharging your workflow. It includes various types of useful plugins for Adobe software as well as DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Extension for Easier Access

With the Motion Array marketplace extensions for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, you can access and download items from the library directly, without having to leave the software interface.

Benefits of Using Motion Array

  • Motion Array Hub: Using the Motion Array hub, you can manage all your video plugins in one place
  • Request Custom Assets: If you need any specific custom items, you can submit those requests and contributors will often fulfill those requests
  • Video Review: Motion Array video collaboration tool makes it easier to collaborate with clients and teams on your projects
  • Free Assets: Motion Array includes a free plan with limited access to the platform

Downsides of Using Motion Array

  • Licensing: Some items on Motion Array are not available for commercial projects. You’ll have to check the licensing before downloading
  • Limited Assets: The majority of the 1 million assets on Motion Array are stock photos and footage
  • Expensive Pricing: Considering its relatively smaller library, Motion Array is slightly more expensive than its competitors


Motion Array subscription plan costs $19.99 per month when paid annually ($239.88 per year). Or it’s $29.99 per month for the monthly subscription.

For teams, it’s $37.99 per month for 2 users (billed annually) and it supports up to 7 users. All of these premium plans include unlimited access to all the assets, plugins, and extensions available on the platform.

What is Envato Elements?

envato elements

Envato Elements is one of the most popular and largest subscription-based marketplaces for digital assets. Coming from the developers of reputable platforms such as ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, and VideoHive, Envato Elements offers some of the best digital assets for all types of creators and producers.

The platform includes a huge selection of templates compatible with all popular video editing software as well as stock footage, music, and sound effects. In addition, Envato Elements also has many other digital assets for not just video editing but also for graphic designers, artists, photographers, and web developers.

Main Features

envato elements after effects templates

Following are some of the best features of Envato Elements.

Over 18 Million Assets + Unlimited Downloads

With more than 18 million digital assets to choose from, you’ll have plenty of choices for finding unique video templates and stock footage for your productions. The best part is you get unlimited access to this entire collection.

Stock Footage, Audio, & Video Templates

Envato Elements features a massive collection of video templates and presets that are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion.

The stock footage collection includes millions of assets in 4K resolution as well as up to 60fps framerate. You can also find the perfect music tracks and sound effects for your projects from the same place.

Beyond Video Content

Envato Elements is an all-in-one platform that offers more than just video assets. It also includes templates, graphics, fonts, and various other items for all types of creators.

There are Photoshop templates for everything from Instagram filters to YouTube thumbnails. There are Lightroom presets for enhancing photography. There are also WordPress themes and templates for building websites. And so much more.

Simple Licensing

Envato Elements uses a simple, straightforward licensing model. Everything on the platform is available for commercial use. That’s it! You can use them in any of your client projects and YouTube videos.

AI Assistant

If you want to find a specific item from the Envato Elements library, the platform has an innovative AI search function that allows you to instantly find assets that are specific to your project needs.

Benefits of Using Envato Elements

  • Organize with Collections: Managing and organizing all your downloads and wishlists is much easier with the Collections system
  • Premiere Pro Extension: Envato Elements marketplace extension for Premiere Pro includes AI search and lets you import assets directly from the video editor
  • New Items Added Daily: The Envato Elements library grows every day with new templates and items being added by creators
  • Monthly Free Items: Every month, you can download a collection of free items from Envato Elements at no cost
  • Affordable Price: Envato Elements has the most affordable subscription plan among all of its competitors

Downsides of Using Envato Elements

  • License Management: When you want to re-use a downloaded item, you have to register it again in your account
  • Monthly vs Yearly Price: There’s a 50% difference between paying monthly and yearly
  • Overwhelming Choice: Having to choose from millions of assets can be overwhelming at times


Envato Elements subscription plan costs $16.50 per month when paid annually ($198 per year). If you’re a student, you can get an extra 30% off this price.

Price for teams is $29 per month for 2 members, $37.50 for 3 members, and $45.50 for 4 members. Enterprise plans are also available.

Envato Elements vs Motion Array: Which Is Best?

Motion Array offers a great selection of video templates and stock assets. However, when it comes to the size of the library and the value of the subscription pricing, Envato Elements takes the lead.

For $16.50 per month, you get access to a library of over 18 million assets, which includes not just video templates and footage but also various other useful digital assets.

Compared to the $19.99 per month subscription from Motion Array for its limited 1 million asset library, Envato Elements clearly offers the best value per dollar. The massive collection of premium fonts alone makes Envato Elements worth it.