Freesumes: Free Resumes, Beautifully Designed

Planning on applying for a new job? Struggling to land a job interview? Then what you need is a professionally designed resume. Today we’re reviewing Freesumes, a free source of professional and stylish resume templates to help you stand out.

Landing a job interview is the most difficult part of the entire job searching process. According to surveys, an average job opening receives about 250 resumes. But, only four to six candidates actually get called for an interview.

Your resume is the most important item that will help you land an interview for your dream job. Unfortunately, designing a resume with a professional and a creative design is not something most people excel at.

As a result, many people end up using the same default resume templates that comes preloaded with MS Word and fail to stand out from the crowd. Freesumes aims to fix this problem by providing you with an incredible selection of unique resume templates for creating winning resumes.

What is Freesumes?

Freesumes is a marketplace made specifically for resume templates. The website includes more than 100 free resume templates and premium templates as well.

Freesumes has a large collection of resume templates in a few different design styles, including modern, creative, elegant, and classic template styles. Whether you’re a marketer, engineer, accountant, teacher, or a manager, Freesumes has resume templates for all types of professions.

Your resume is the key to landing a job interview. It’s the one thing that can influence the hiring managers to consider you as a good candidate for the job. So your resume needs to capture their attention and make you stand out from the rest. Freesumes templates are designed with this goal in mind.

Why Use Freesumes Templates?

When it comes to using resume templates, one of the biggest downsides is customization. When you edit a resume template to add or remove a section from the resume, it sometimes messes with the consistency of the resume design.

This is where Freesumes templates come to help. Each and every resume template in the Freesumes website can be easily customized to add your own information and personalize it however you want.

You can change the text, replace sections, edit content, upload photos, and much more with just a few clicks and without affecting the overall design of the resume template.

No need to worry about finding the best resume design. All resume templates in Freesumes feature professional designs that are made of a composition of the right shapes, colors, and elements for grabbing the attention of the hiring managers and to show off professionalism.

Well-Designed Resumes for Professionals

Of course, when you’re an experienced professional, you need more than one page to describe your experience, skills, and education. You also need a cover letter to present yourself to the employers.

For such experienced professionals, Freesumes has a collection of premium resume packs that comes with multi-page resumes and cover pages bundled up into one complete solution.

Priced at just $15, these premium resume templates feature more attractive and original designs than the free templates and better layouts to help you come across as an expert.

These resume packs include both 1-page and 2-page versions of the resume templates along with a matching cover letter and a useful job interview tracker for managing all your upcoming job interviews. The templates are available in US-Letter sized Word files.

Download Free Word Resume Templates

If you can’t afford a premium resume, don’t worry. The Freesumes free templates are just as great as the premium templates.

Freesumes free resume templates collection include plenty of choices for finding a design that matches your personality and profession. Whether you’re looking for a resume template with a colorful design or a minimalist layout, you’ll find more than one template to fit your needs.

As it turns out, you only have about 6 seconds to grab the attention of the hiring managers. And they tend to skim through the resumes a lot. Having a resume formatted to facilitate skimming is also quite important. Freesumes templates are crafted to meet such reading behaviors as well.

Resources for Landing Your Dream Job

Freesumes is not just about resume templates either. The website also provides you with lots of resources, apps, and tools that will help you find the right job to match your skills and increase the chances of giving a successful interview.

Freesumes blog features plenty of useful articles and guides, including how to craft a modern resume, how to write a killer cover letter, and tips on boosting your job search.

You can find more blog articles under 4 different categories:

  • Job Search: Advice on how to pick and apply for the right jobs.
  • Resumes & Cover Letters: Tips on designing and writing resumes and cover letters.
  • Job Interview: How to prepare for a job interview and tips for success.
  • Career Advice: Guides on how to be a better employee, negotiation tips, and more.

In Conclusion

Freesumes is a website that will surely help with your job search and land your dream job. It will take the hassle out of crafting a great looking resume and allow you to present yourself more confidently and professionally.

If you’re thinking about switching careers, quitting a demeaning job, or finally applying for your dream job, keeping the Freesumes website bookmarked in your browser will definitely come in handy.

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