Geocoding and Geoparsing With Geocodeapi

Do you need geocoding or geoparsing data for your website or digital application? An API is the solution.

Geocodeapi allows users to perform these tasks in a scalable manner using worldwide data. Here’s a look at the tool and how you can make the most of it for your projects.

What is Geocodeapi?

Geocodeapi is a geoparsing and geocoding tool that works at scale. It’s updated frequently to ensure that you are parsing high-quality, accurate, and reliable data.

The API does what most people struggle with on their own – it provides high-server capacity and maximum data availability. (This combination gives you more time to work on your development and application.)

Further, a scalable API solution such as Geocodeapi reduces development costs for your projects, and allows them to grow with your business.
A few examples of use include:

  • Form autocompletion with reliable location input fields that enhance user experience.
  • Data enrichment to boost functionality of CRM data with geocoding.Data visualization made easy with the Geocodeapi to clean and normalize data.

Geocodeapi is part of SaaS Industries, an Austrian company that develops and maintains APIs and SaaS applications. The development of Geocodeapi started in 2018 after the company started looking for an affordable, global solution to Google Maps. That’s how the development of the tool started and now thousands of people use this solution on their websites.

Key Features

Geocodeapi can be integrated by most developers with ease. It has other features that make it worth a try as well.

Key features include:

  • Ability to use geocoding and geoparsing data
  • Up to 3,000 requests per day for free
  • Access to worldwide address data
  • No throttling or rate limits
  • Highly scalable solution for bloggers to enterprise-level users
  • Realtime results thanks to a strong infrastructure
  • API returns results in JSON format
  • Servers do all the work so you don’t have to think about technical detailsHigh uptime rates and guarantees

See how it works for yourself with a sandbox demo on the Geocodeapi website. You can view the JSON data as well as see a formatted view.

What Sets This Tool Apart?

Geocodeapi is packed with support and service that will make integration easy. The team behind the API tool will be there every step of the way if you need help from installation to use.

All support tickets get a response within one business day. (And the same standard applies to all plan levels. This is something that many tools reserve for top-tier plans only.)

Integration support is easy. Just send them an email for help with your questions. (Also available for all plan levels.)

Most plans come with a 99.9% uptime service level agreement, so you know the API tool is working as intended.

Geocodeapi has multiple plan options and all contracts can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time without penalty.


The great thing about this tool is you can test-drive it before you pay for anything with a free plan. (Free plans don’t require credit cards, although there are limits on the number of monthly requests.)

Paid plans are billed monthly or you can choose annual payment with a discount.

Plans and pricing options include:

  • Free: Includes 350,000 monthly requests, two queries per second, HTTPS encryption, email support, and self-service onboarding.
  • Small ($85/month): Includes 2 million monthly requests, 25 queries per second, personal support, HTTPS encryption, a service level agreement, and concierge onboarding.
  • Medium ($135/month): Geocodeapi’s most popular plan includes 3.5 million monthly requests, 35 queries per second, and everything in the small plan.
  • Large ($300/month): Includes 8 million monthly requests, 50 queries per second, and everything in the medium plan.

Geocodeapi can create custom plans for unlimited requests and enterprise-level accounts. Contact them for more information.


If you need a location or geo-based API, give Goecodeapi a try. It’s an affordable (start with a free plan), scalable, and reliable solution that’s easy to implement and use.