Motion Array: The Go-to Platform for Video Templates, Presets, & More

Motion Array is a well-known marketplace for its vast collection of video templates and presets. But it’s more than just templates, Motion Array is now an all-in-one platform that houses everything video editors, content creators, and filmmakers need in one place.

With unlimited downloads in video templates, motion graphics, stock footage, music, graphics, and presets, Motion Array has all the elements you need to create professional video projects.

What makes Motion Array even more convenient is its extensions, which seamlessly integrate with Adobe software to help you find the right templates and presets directly from within the software.

In this post, we explore this marketplace a bit deeper to see what more it has to offer.

What is Motion Array?

motion array website

Motion Array is a marketplace full of video templates for all popular video editing software, including Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. The website has been around since 2013 and over the years it has grown in popularity and size.

Now, Motion Array features a large collection of resources for video editors and content creators. You can find everything from stock video footage to sound effects, stock photos, graphics, plugins, and much more on the same website.

Unlimited Downloads

Arguably the biggest selling point of Motion Array is its subscription pricing plan, which allows you to download everything on the platform for a single price. That’s more than 2 million creative assets for you to explore along with lots of useful plugins.

Pre-Made Video Templates

motion array templates

Motion Array has a massive collection of video templates. Whether you need a cool intro design for a YouTube video, a slideshow for a promo, or an animated title for a social media video, there’s a template for all your needs here.

You can easily browse and filter all these templates by different categories as well as the resolution. There are templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

LUTs, Effects, and Presets

motion array presets

In the presets section of the Motion Array website, you’ll find some of the most unique transitions, overlays, LUTs, and effects for After Effects as well as Premiere Pro. There are hundreds of different presets for you to download.

Also, for DaVinci Resolve users, there are lots of Macros included in this section as well.

VFX and Motion Graphics

motion array motion graphics

There’s an entire section on Motion Array dedicated to motion graphics. This section includes hundreds of special effects, backgrounds, animations, VJ loops, framing devices, and so many other cool elements you can use to create incredible videos.

40+ Professional Plugins

motion array plugins

Motion Array also has an impressive selection of professional plugins that help you tackle different aspects of the video editing process. There are more than 40 plugins for handling different tasks in video editing.

For example, there are multiple plugins for color grading, including Tone Coloring, Hue Shift, and Cine Style. There are also plugins for Keying, Stylize, Particles, Sharpening, and more.

Video Collaboration Tool & Extensions

motion array review tool

Motion Array has developed an interesting video collaboration tool for video editors called Review. This tool makes it much easier for you to work with clients and collaborate with teams. It even supports custom branding so that you can create a personalized look for the review tool as well as appear more professional.

The tool allows you to easily showcase your work and get feedback from clients in real-time to speed up the approval process.

motion array extension

In addition to the Review tool, Motion Array also offers a set of extensions for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop. These extensions allow you to access all of the resources in the marketplace directly from the software to download and import files without having to visit the website.

Stock Video & Music

motion array stock

Motion Array recently expanded its marketplace with a huge collection of stock video and audio content. There are thousands of high-quality stock videos in 4K and even 5K resolution for you to download in this section. You can also find professional background music tracks and sound effects under various categories as well.

Free Downloads

motion array free

In every section of the Motion Array website, you’ll see a “Free assets” check box in the sidebar. This filter is for finding all the free items on the website.

Motion Array offers hundreds of high-quality templates, presets, motion graphics, and stock footage for free. You can download them by signing up for a free account.


As mentioned before, Motion Array has a subscription-based pricing plan that gives you unlimited access to the platform for a single price. It also includes all of the plugins and extensions.

The subscription plans start at $29.99 per month, or $19.99 per month when paid annually. Another plan at $37.99 per month is available for teams.


Motion Array is one of the best marketplaces available for video editors and content creators. Being able to find all the necessary resources for video projects in one place makes it quite convenient and a huge time-saver for professionals.

Not only that but the ability to import templates and files directly into After Effects and Premiere Pro using the extensions creates a seamless experience as well.

Getting unlimited access to all that under a single subscription definitely makes it worth every penny.

You can check out the Motion Array marketplace by signing up for a free account. It includes access to hundreds of free resources that you can download at zero cost.