Simmmple: Premium and Stunning UI Kits and Templates

Every designer is looking for a faster way to get from design to product launch.

The right UI kits and templates – made for software you use – are the key to jumpstarting those projects. But all UI kits are not created equal, and finding those that are high-quality and easy to work with is key.

Today, we’re diving into Simmmple, a marketplace packed with premium design kits. Plus, we’re looking at some of their tools and products to help supercharge your workflow!

What is Simmmple?

Simmmple is a marketplace with premium user interface kits and templates for a variety of platforms. There are resources for Figma, React, and Bootstrap that you can use and reuse for projects.

Everything in the marketplace is designed to help you quickly build responsive, mobile-first digital products, including websites and apps.

Simmmple is a marketplace with a mission to provide premium UI and web resources. It’s not only the perfect place to find the latest and greatest web design freebies, but also a place to learn advanced techniques and build better and faster.

The company has been selling online since 2019 and has a community of more than 10,000 users.

Figma Products

Simmmple has a variety of Figma UI kits and templates that can help you build almost anything you can imagine with the design interface tool.

There is everything from free dashboards to full-coded kits that can help you get an app up and running fast.

Three kits to check out:

Dashboard Builder

Dashboards are a great tool for all kinds of web applications and user interfaces. The dashboard builder is ideal for designers who want to create a dashboard in a minute or less. (Seriously!)

You can do it all in Figma with a responsive and auto-layout tool. It includes unlimited colors and text options as well as more than 400 widgets and UI cards. So everything you need for a custom dashboard is included.

It has light and dark mode options and the best part might be that everything is in a drag and drop builder.

React.js Products

The growing collection of React.js products will help you build quickly using the popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Check out this one: Purity UI, which has Pro and free versions to help jumpstart website or app projects with plenty of design elements.

Chakra UI is a simple, modular, and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build for React applications.

Simmmple has multiple options to work with this user interface, including a robust dashboard packed with fully coded elements. It is designed for those who like modern UI elements and beautiful websites. It is made with hundreds of elements, designed blocks, and fully coded pages, plus customized plugins to get your project up and running in no time.

Bootstrap Products

Almost every web designer or developer has some experience working with Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript library in the world. Resources that build on this open-source tool will help you crank out projects even faster.

Simmmple has a growing collection of Bootstrap elements available.

Check out this one: Uranus Wireframe Kit Pro, which includes more than 180 dark and light elements and sections that are ready to use. It includes Google Fonts and icons so you can map out projects quickly.


Buy products individually from Simmmple or snag a subscription if you plan to really get into the assets. Prices of individual products vary and are comparable to other marketplaces.

The real value comes in subscriptions. Three tiers are available:

  • Freelancer: For personal use and side projects with a single license for one product per project.
  • Company: For multiple users and extended support with unlimited projects for teams of 1 to 15.
  • Enterprise: For large-scale uses and extended distribution rights with a license for large companies working on projects with unlimited projects and teams.

Right now all the tiers include special bundle pricing that starts at $72 for the freelancer plan.


If you are looking for a different set of user interface tools and resources, give Simmmple a try. There are plenty of demo/free kits to get a feel for what you’ll find and the subscriptions offer plenty of variety.

Test Simmmple today!