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SlideUpLift Can Help You Create Amazing Presentations With Ease

Designing a presentation can be a challenge, and no one wants to head into a meeting using the default presentation deck for slides.

You need to create presentations with impact, while keeping a professional feel. Thankfully, this is an easier balance to strike than ever before (all without any technical design knowledge).

SlideUpLift is a collection of complete editable presentation decks and individual templates that use vision science to help you tell your story in just the right way. Here’s a look at the tool.

What is SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift is a service that helps business professionals – and designers – create better presentations. The service has a strong library of PowerPoint templates that can help you tell your story better.

Presentation templates from SlideUpLift work in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

PowerPoint templates include anything from elements for project managers to marketing managers to entrepreneurs (and everyone in between).

The goal of SlideUpLift is to help you turn dull slides into engaging presentations that you can be proud of. You aren’t going to find slides with just bullet points here.

Professional designs start with data visualization examples that help you put your content into just the right package. They include other visual elements too, including icons, silhouettes, three-dimensional models, and isometric elements.

Presentation templates from SlideUpLift work in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Everything is fully editable. Free and premium options are available.

Professional Business Templates

SlideUpLift’s templates are powered by business professionals and PowerPoint specialists, making them visually appealing and easy to understand whether you are giving a presentation online or in person.

Everything about the service is designed with the business professional mindset front and center.

PowerPoint templates are grouped by categories including:

  • Template types: Strategy, marketing, business, infographic, human resources, project management, pitch decks
  • Template elements: Maps, diagrams, shapes, text and tables
  • Content types: Lists, agenda, frameworks, charts and graphs
  • Popular options
  • Themes
  • Free

If you are more of a searcher, you can use the toolbar and look for PowerPoint templates based on keywords. There’s something for almost every imaginable business case.

Key Features

One of the best features of SlideUpLift is the PowerPoint Add-In. This tool integrates right with your software so you have ready to use PowerPoint themes from within the app.

The PowerPoint Add-In is a productivity super-booster that works with all membership plans, is always available, and working without having to toggle back-and-forth to your browser.

Other key features include:

  • Everything you download is fully editable so you can make everything your own
  • Designs rooted in vision science
  • Ready-to-use PowerPoint themes which act as a starting point for creating innovative presentations
  • User-friendly interface that’s easy to manage
  • Many templates available in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Easy search, category, and tagging structure so you can find exactly what you are looking for
  • Featured and popular categories can help jumpstart your creative presentation inspiration
  • New templates are added almost daily so the library is continuing to expand and grow
  • Templates that are compatible with Google Slides, allowing professionals to create impactful presentations, from anywhere, using any device, even on the go
  • Plenty of documentation and help when you need it
  • Favorites option to help you manage PowerPoint templates you want to use
  • Excellent customer support in case if you have any questions or modifications you would like to make to the templates
  • Pricing and Plans

    SlideUpLift is an affordable presentation template option with multiple plans and pricing options to choose from based on your needs.

    It is the only platform that has a flexible option to purchase a single template or membership plan. Free templates are also available.

    Plans include:

    • Essential ($9.99): Includes 10 downloads, is valid for 6 months with 1 user, and includes add-ins
    • Value ($19.99): Includes 30 downloads, is valid for 6 months with 1 user, and includes add-ins
    • Power Saver ($49.99): Includes 100 downloads, is valid for one year with 1 user, and includes animations, accessories, and add-ins
    • Unlimited ($99.99): Includes unlimited downloads, is valid for one year with 1 user, and includes animations, accessories, themes and decks, and add-ins
    • Teams ($349.99): Includes unlimited downloads, is valid for one year with up to 15 users, and includes animations, accessories, themes and desks, and add-ins

    All plans can be renewed but there are no pesky recurring charges.


    SlideUpLift is a solid tool for those who regularly create presentations and work with slide decks. Unlike some other tools that focus on flair with slides, these are highly usable, business presentation templates.

    The focus with SlideUpLift is to create something that makes sense visually so that your presentation is easy to create and even easier for others to understand.

    It’s a solid tool with plenty of templates and options to choose from.