Vectornator Pro Review: Create Illustrations, Logos, and More

Looking for an alternative when it comes to vector design software? Vectornator is a solid, new option for Mac users with a robust collection of tools that also work on iPads, iPhones, and desktop computers.

Today, we’ll take a look at this tool with the new Vectornator Pro release, which has even more features than the already-functional Vectornator X version.

Find out what this app has to offer, explore a few key features, and learn about how to take it for a spin yourself!

What is Vectornator?


Vectornator is graphic design software that’s made for creating in vector formats.

Vectornator X – the iOS version – has earned rave reviews

You can draw anything from simple outlines or icons to sophisticated illustrations (or create full layouts) with the tool. The company’s goal is to “revolutionize the way people design all over the world.” And with a low-cost vector design tool, that might just be possible.

Vectornator has been around since 2017 as an iOS app. Vectornator Pro provides the same great tool on desktop devices, so you can create cross-device. The software is now available for Mac users.

Vectornator X – the iOS-only version – has earned rave reviews since its release in the App Store. It’s been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, maintains a 4.7-star rating, and has been featured by the Apple App Store on multiple occasions (App of the Day, Best New Updates, Best New App, and New Apps We Love).

The Pro release continues these trends with updated features and plenty of functionality.

Who Should Use It?


Vectornator is for any Mac user that wants to create in vector format.

The possibilities are pretty endless, with everything from logos and drawings to blueprints or even websites and apps. (Yes, this vector-based tool has the functionality to help you build digital projects as well.)

One of the key uses of Vectornator is the ability to work on projects on different devices. You can tweak designs on the go, brainstorm in real-time, or reimagine full-scale projects around a computer with your team. It has a multipurpose design that makes it highly functional in almost any environment.

Key Features


The top selling point of Vectornator is that it is a vector-based tool. Even digital projects are requiring more vector-based design elements thanks to high-resolution screens.

Almost any designer requires a vector tool at some point, even if it isn’t part of their daily workflow. You might use to adjust logo elements, create an icon, or make other changes on the fly. Alternatively, a vector tool can be the basis of entire projects, such as illustrations, branding packages, or layouts.

Key features of Vectornator include:

  • Artboard-based structure for projects to you can see everything in one file, from multiple logo options to interface mockups
  • Create print elements such as posters or brochures
  • Create websites and apps
  • Pen, node, and shape tools that allow you to create super-detailed vector elements
  • Easy align, group, mask, order, scale, rotate, and duplicate options that work with just a click (or tap)
  • Advanced tools and operations such as corner radius, Boolean, combining, separating, and outlining paths
  • Auto trace feature that turns raster images into vectors almost like magic
  • Full typography controls with settings for line height, kerning, tracking, font imports, outline text, and text on a path
  • Connected Iconator library is included that includes more than 80,000 icons that are ready to use
  • Color picker tool that works with palettes, gradients, HEX input, HSB, RGB, color blending, and wide color gamut
  • Control over settings and values using a slider or keypad (for super precise values)
  • Move objects with a cool joystick control (it’s easy and fun)
  • Start working on one device and keep designing on another seamlessly
  • Export and import multiple file types, including SVG, PDF, JPG, PNG, VN, and AI
  • Real-time collaboration for teams so that everyone can work together (you can also share with clients)



This might be the unbelievably best part of Vectornator: It’s free to download and use.

Linearity, the company behind the tool, has raised more than $5 million in funding to launch Vectornator Pro so that you can use it with every single feature completely free.

The only thing you have to do to try it out is to download it and start designing.


Vectornator is a highly functional, robust design tool. You can do pretty much anything you want in the vector space and it has the design charm you would expect from a Mac app.

Design anything from logos to websites to posters to icons in one space. Share and collaborate. Everything you need is packed inside Vectornator.