10+ Best GPTs to Power Up ChatGPT in 2024

Today, we explore some of the most useful and advanced GPTs for supercharging ChatGPT to achieve even better and more sophisticated results.

With more than 100 million weekly active users, ChatGPT is now part of every professional’s workflow. However, only a few users know how to access the most powerful features of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is capable of doing many things on its own. However, you have to be an expert prompt engineer who knows how to write complex prompts to get the most out of the AI system.

Things changed when OpenAI introduced the GPTs model. This allowed creators and developers to make their own custom ChatGPTs that are capable of handling more complex and specific tasks, more easily and effectively than the default version of ChatGPT would. And even integrate with third-party tools.

The platform already has more than 22,000 public GPTs and we handpicked some of the best of those GPTs for this list. Have a look and see what they can do.

1. Image Generator

Image Generator 1

Dall-E is the official image generation GPT available on ChatGPT. While it’s quite powerful with many capabilities, some of the community-made custom GPTs deliver better results.

Image Generator 2

Image Generator GPT is one of the best options for creating and refining images and illustrations. It can generate everything from fictional characters to incredible sceneries and even visualize specific scenes from fantasy novels.

2. Scholar GPT

Scholar GPT

Whether you’re a scientist, college student, or an author, this is the best research assistant you’ll ever have, which will instantly access the web to research, analyze, and provide information related to anything.

Scholar GPT 2

Scholar GPT specializes in doing research. It has access to over 200 million resources, including Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, and Arxiv. The GPT also features built-in critical reading skills from summarizations to fact-checking, structure mapping, and more.

3. Professional Coder

Professional Coder

This GPT is one of the best tools you can use to write code and solve programming problems. You can use it to write code for websites, scripts, algorithms, or even write an Angry Bird-style game in Unity.

Professional Coder 2

When asked to give the HTML code for a simple landing page using the Bootstrap framework, it not only gave us the code but also gave us information on the configuration, folder structure, and offered instructions on what to do next.

4. Tutor Me

Tutor Me

Powered by Khan Academy, this custom GPT will be your personal teacher to help learn many different topics from maths to science. A great thing about this GPT is that instead of just providing the answers, it will help you learn how to solve the problems.

Tutor Me 2

Tutor Me GPT is not just for students, it’s also a great tutor for grown-ups learning various subjects. A great feature of this GPT is how it always ends its responses with a question, asking you to choose a topic you’re most interested in to proceed to the next step. This makes the learning experience quite fun and exciting.

5. Logo Creator

Logo Creator 2

Graphic designers will surely find this GPT quite useful as it allows you to easily create logo designs that meet specific requirements. It’s a great tool for brainstorming ideas and inspiration.

Logo Creator

Instead of simply generating a logo from your prompt, this GPT asks 4 questions to understand all the requirements like the style of the design, color palette, and the complexity of the logo. Then it lets you generate up to 9 variations of the logo design.

6. Tech Support Advisor

Tech Support Advisor

Whether you want to know how to install a Photoshop plugin or troubleshoot Windows errors, this custom GPT created by OpenAI is the perfect tool for finding solutions.

Tech Support Advisor 2

Whenever we have to deal with a technical problem, we turn to Google. But it usually involves visiting multiple websites, reading dozens of pages, and watching hour-long videos to find a solution. Instead, this GPT will summarize the most important details to help solve your tech problems.

7. Diagrams: Show Me

Diagrams Show Me

This GPT allows you to easily generate various types of diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, and architectural visualizations without effort. After generating the diagrams, you can edit them using Miro.

Diagrams Show Me 2

As long as you don’t expect the designs to be incredible, the results you get from this GPT are quite impressive and even usable in your presentations and client projects.

8. Write For Me

Write For Me

With a few prompts, you can easily train ChatGPT to write great content on any topic. However, it’s not always the best at generating the most relevant and precise written content.

Write For Me 2

Write For Me is a GPT that offers a solution to that problem by helping you generate more precise and high-quality written content that is also able to match the exact word count. You can use it to generate text for everything from product descriptions to blog posts, essays, and more.

9. ElevenLabs Text To Speech

ElevenLabs Text To Speech

This GPT has a simple functionality but it does its job perfectly. It generates high-quality text-to-speech audio from your text using multiple AI-generated voices.

ElevenLabs Text To Speech 2

All you have to do is copy and paste the text and then choose an AI voice, the GPT will generate an audio for you to download. This GPT has many uses. You can use it to narrate paragraphs of text, create audio narrations for short stories, add narrations to presentations, and much more.

10. Screenshot to Code

Screenshot to Code

If you’re a web designer or a developer, you will instantly fall in love with this GPT. As the name suggests, this GPT is capable of scanning images and turning them into websites.

Screenshot to Code 2

When you upload a screenshot or a design of a website, this GPT will give you the HTML, Tailwind CSS, and JavaScript code for building that website. It works fast and delivers impressive results.

11. The Designer’s Mood Board

The Designer’s Mood Board

With this GPT, you can instantly generate mood boards. You won’t have to spend hours creating mood boards for your projects anymore.

The Designer’s Mood Board 2

Creating a mood board is usually a personal experience where you pick elements based on your preference. But with a tool like this, that process will get easier and even inspire you in unimaginable ways.

12. Photo Multiverse

Photo Multiverse

If you enjoy experimenting with your photos and selfies, this is a fun GPT to try out. It allows you to upload an image and create different versions of those photos.

Photo Multiverse 2

After generating an image, you can even try changing its details, style, format, and many other elements to create cool creations. While it’s not perfect, the generated images are quite fun and will even inspire you.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that these custom GPTs are still in their early stages. Most of them have limited capabilities. And will often provide you with false information. So remember to double-check the generated texts and details, especially facts and written content.