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Pirobox jQuery Lightbox

jQuery KeyboardLightbox scripts have become a very popular way of displaying images online in recent months. There are a huge number of them available, using a variety of different frameworks and languages.

I’m pleased to announce that today, in partnership with Pirolab, there’s a new jQuery lightbox script available. It has been designed and created by Diego Valobra. If you’d like to read more about the features and download the lightbox script, click through to read on.

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The gallery is simple to set up, and offers some great features:

  • Built completely on the jQuery library
  • Automatically resizes images based on browser window size
  • Previous/Next links can be outside the lightbox
  • Stylish loading graphic
  • Easily customizable


There are three versions available to download, all included within the same package. They include an unpacked version (19.7kb), minimized (13kb) and packed (9kb):



Full instructions on how to install can be found here, explaining how to link to the various required files, customize the display options and integrate your own images into the gallery. Everything can be altered visually using the comprehensive set of CSS rules.