12 VSCO Beauty Lightroom Presets

Regardless of the photo you choose to edit, the presets provide a consistent effect.

Embrace the full power of social media with this bundle of 12 VSCO Beauty Lightroom Presets. Ideal for bloggers, influencers, and lifestyle photographers, these filters deliver a variety of tones—from matte and grainy, to moody and soft. They're also non-destructive, guaranteeing that your original photo retains its quality 100%.

The 12 VSCO Beauty Lightroom Presets aren't just about aesthetics—they're also about streamlining your photo editing process. Crafted to provide professional quality at the quick click of a button, these presets have been thoroughly tested on different types of photos. They're smart, clean, and easily customizable to your specific needs.

These presets are not only about giving your photos a stunning makeover, but also about offering multipurpose flexibility. Regardless of the photo you choose to edit, the presets provide a consistent effect. As long as your white balance is accurate, the result will be exactly what you see in the preset's preview, allowing you to create beautiful and cohesive aesthetics for your online presence.

Details & Features

  • Professional, unique results with one click
  • 100% non-destructive, preserve original photo quality
  • For all user levels—amateurs to pros
  • Works with all photo resolutions
  • No camera calibration profiles needed
  • Supports .jpg, .tiff and RAW file types
  • Requires Adobe Lightroom from 3.x to CC

Why We Like It

These presets deliver a magic touch to any photo consisting varied moods and tones. Offering professional-quality results in just one click, they are an essential toolbox for any influencer or blogger. We also love their flexibility and adaptability in different photo environments, which makes them a highly valuable addition to your digital arsenal.