121 Duotone Lightroom Profiles

The "amount" slider performs this magic.

The pack of 121 Duotone Lightroom Profiles is a find for designers and photographers looking to bring a unique touch to their work. Over 120 profiles within this bundle offer an easy route to creating exceptional effects on artworks such as posters, pictures, flyers, backgrounds, and artistic portraits.

The versatility of this package is immense. With the simple application of these profiles, create stunning backgrounds, intriguing headers, aesthetically catching wallpapers, or simply to make your photos stand out on any social media platform. In addition, they are meticulously organized by color, enabling you to effortlessly locate the ideal profile to match your artistic concept or image.

Beyond being easy to locate, these profiles equip you with the control to adjust and fine-tune the vibrancy of your images to suit your preferred taste. The "amount" slider performs this magic. An additional perk is that they render images faster than regular Lightroom presets. The optimized color table they operate on demands less resources hence they are compatible even with mobile devices.

Details & Features

  • 121 varied Duotone Profiles
  • Profiles are organized by color for easy navigation
  • Vibrance of pictures can be controlled with "Amount" slider
  • Faster rendering than regular Lightroom presets
  • User-friendly, uses less resources hence compatible with mobile devices
  • Syncs with Lightroom CC for Android or iOS
  • Compatiable with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC (via Camera Raw filter), Mac and Windows

Why We Like It

Captivating designs stand out and that's what the 121 Duotone Lightroom Profiles delivers--the capacity to create exceptional duotone effects effortlessly. The ability to work faster while still maintaining optimum control over the vibrancy of projects stands out. We also vouch for its compatibility across different platforms, including mobile devices, furthering its appeal to contemporary creators.