14 Matte VSCO Lightroom Presets

Avoid the pitfall of having countless presets with minor differentiating factors.

Reinvent your portfolio with this exceptional collection of 14 Matte VSCO Lightroom Presets. Designed for professionals and art enthusiasts alike, these presets make it incredibly simple to instill your images with a stylish, modern look reminiscent of VSCO vibes. They give your photographs a compelling edge that stands out on platforms like Instagram, turning them into digital masterpieces.

The collection features a range of professional presets, each designed to streamline your photo editing process and impart a minimalistic, trendy look to your pictures. Suited for photographers, designers, bloggers, and even Instagram aficionados, these presets have been meticulously tested on various images ensuring reliable results. Regardless of whether you're using Lightroom 3.x or CC, these presets work flawlessly, offering smart and clean adjustments.

With these presets, quality trumps quantity. Avoid the pitfall of having countless presets with minor differentiating factors. Instead, this collection demonstrates respect for the user by prioritizing a select few high-quality presets. They smartly work with color, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks, HSL, etc, without modifying the White Balance of your image. This results in a consistent effect similar to the preview image, if your WB is already optimal.

Details & Features

  • Professional and unique results achievable in one click
  • 100% non-destructive testing on various photos
  • Suitable for photographers, designers, bloggers, Instagrammers
  • High quality over quantity
  • Compatibility across Lightroom 3.x to CC
  • Easy to use with customizable features
  • Designed to be used with any resolution. No camera calibration profiles needed

Why We Like It

We highly recommend these 14 Matte VSCO Lightroom Presets for their versatility, simplicity, and high-quality results. They not only augment the aesthetic appeal of your photos but also enhance your productivity by streamlining your workflow. They're truly an invaluable resource for image editing rookies and veterans alike.