14 Pink Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Create authentic and warm pastel tones with these Lightroom presets.

Enhance your social media aesthetic with this essential bundle of 14 Pink Lightroom Presets and LUTs. Designed for today's Instagram users and bloggers, these presets come with five unique variations, giving you a total of seventy options to explore. Now you can give your portrait photos that desired feminine and attractive pink tint before sharing them with your followers.

Create authentic and warm pastel tones with these Lightroom presets. Whether you want to keep it light or go for a bolder look, these presets are fully fadeable to offer you the flexibility you need. What's more, they come with LUTs that can be used in various software. Make your photos stand out by downloading and giving these presets a try.

These presets are designed with quality and efficiency at their core. The pack includes 14 high-quality and fast-render LUTs for smooth application and performance. They have been optimized for performance with minimum settings, keeping the essentials like white balance and exposure intact.

Details & Features

  • 14 Pink Looks: Beautiful and versatile pink presets perfect for portraits
  • Fadeable Lightroom Presets: Offers five variations for flexibility
  • Included LUTs: Matching LUTs usable in various software
  • Lightweight and Fast: Optimized for performance and easy editing
  • Fully Compatible with LR Toolkit: For more customizable presets
  • Works With Lightroom CC (All Versions) and Lightroom Classic CC (All Versions)
  • Compatible with all software that supports LUTs and both Mac and Windows

Why We Like It

These 14 Pink Lightroom Presets and LUTs bring value and helps to elevate personal or professional photography with minimal effort. Offering both quality and flexibility, they empower users to create stunning, consistent content that resonates with audiences. The ease of use and varied intensity options make it a top pick for enhancing visual storytelling on social platforms, especially Instagram.