20 Lifestyle Lightroom LUTs Pack

It truly is a valuable tool for any creative task.

The 20 Lifestyle Lightroom LUTs Pack is a pot of gold for photographers, videographers and design enthusiasts. It carries an array of color grading LUTs that instantly add depth and character to lifestyle portrait photos. These LUTs aren't limited to Lightroom but can be readily implemented within a multitude of photo and video editing applications.

As a creator, imagine having the power to build a captivating cinematic atmosphere within moments through curated LUTs. This bundle provides a versatile and diverse collection designed to bring professional film tones to your media. Whether you're striving for an intense outcome or a subtle mood, these adjustable LUTs are built to cater to your creative needs and individual project demands.

Every creative artist enjoys fresh inspiration, and this LUTs pack does just that. It enables users to generate unique photo effects, intriguing the audience and making your work stand out in the crowd. Complete with an extended commercial license, you can continuously utilize these effects to construct eye-catching designs for your personal or client-based projects.

Details & Features

  • 20 highly versatile color grading LUTs
  • Compatible with a wide selection of photo and video editing applications
  • Designed to create professional cinematic film tones
  • Adjustable intensity and contrast to meet individual project requirements
  • Includes an extended commercial license
  • High-quality LUTs for quick and professional color correction
  • Compatibility with editing software like Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Luminar, On1, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and more

Why We Like It

This item sits high on our recommendation list because of its versatility and professional results. It quickly enhances photos and video with a cinematic air, saving time yet creating maximum impact. Additionally, the LUTs package's compatibility with numerous editing platforms further solidifies its strengths. It truly is a valuable tool for any creative task.