50 Sweet Pink Lightroom Presets

Also, users should not miss the additional LUTs included in the bundle.

Add a blush of elegance to your portrait photography with the 50 Sweet Pink Lightroom Presets. This illustrious bundle, infused with charming pink and pastel color effects, is an unrivaled asset for social media mavens looking to elevate their selfie and portrait game. Each one of the fifty presets compliments your images with a distinct, feminine grace that is both distinctive and mesmerizing.

Not restricted to still images alone, the presets can be employed over video clips to extend a consistent aesthetic across all your social media posts. Also, users should not miss the additional LUTs included in the bundle. Supported by a majority of video editing software, these LUTs facilitate an endearing synchronization between photos and videos, making your digital narrative tell a beautiful, cohesive story.

The assortment of 50 presets is compact yet versatile, catering to an array of preferences. Explore the sunny day magic served by Avleen or venture into vintage memory lanes with Cerys. Chloe imparts an engaging amber-pink tint, while Inara's pastel yellow fusion with pink is simply breathtaking. Jamelia turns the pink charisma up a notch, immersing everything in an attractive shade.

Details & Features

  • Fifty distinct Lightroom presets for Mobile and Desktop
  • Compatible with both photo and video editing
  • Inclusion of LUTs for extra video editing support
  • Four types of LUTs included - 3dl, cube, look, and mga
  • Special presets for varied ambiances like sunny days, vintage feel, amber-pink tints, and pastel yellow blends

Why We Like It

It's not every day that you come across a bundle as comprehensive as the 50 Sweet Pink Lightroom Presets. With a versatility that accommodates both photo and video editing, it provides an unmatched uniformity in visual narratives. The uniquely styled presets and premium features make it an asset for photographers, social media influencers, and everyone who loves playing with colors and tones.