6 Catchy Portrait Lightroom Presets

A simple click is all it takes to alter the look and feel of your image.

Introducing an excellent collection of Lightroom presets specifically designed to give your portraiture that little something extra. This pack contains 6 diverse presets, perfect for making your selfies pop and garner attention on multiple social media platforms. Crafted to evoke emotion with just one click, these presets are a tremendous addition to any photography toolkit.

The six Catchy Portrait Lightroom + Mobile Presets are designed to heighten the aesthetics of any professional looking to streamline their fashion and style-oriented photo processing and editing. This pack offers an array of effects, including pastel hues, desaturated tones, and deep, rich colors. Skills levels for these presets span from amateur to professional photographers, designers, bloggers, and even Instagrammers. All presets are entirely non-destructive, tested on various types of images, and always deliver a unique, professional result.

What makes these presets notably proficient is their ease of use. A simple click is all it takes to alter the look and feel of your image. Even better, when the WB (White Balance) of your image is up to standard, all presets will produce almost the exact effect seen in the preview image. This assures that what you see is what you get, which is quite remarkable.

Details & Features

  • Contains 6 professional Lightroom presets
  • 100% non-destructive, tested on various types of photos
  • Perfect for photographers, designers, and social media enthusiasts
  • Does not alter the WB of the image
  • Simple to use; just one-click application
  • Easily customizable for personal preference
  • Compatible with MAC & PC, and suitable for images of any resolution.

Why We Like It

We recommend these presets because they significantly improve your portrait photography with just a click. We are impressed by how they work seamlessly with the WB, providing consistent, professional quality results. Plus, their ease of use, versatility, and adaptability across various media platforms make them a great asset for individuals of all skill levels.