ARTA Earthy Cine Lightroom Presets

Enhancing your photos has never been easier and more refined.

Elevate your photo editing prowess and inject an earthy, naturalistic allure to your images with the ARTA Earthy Cine Lightroom Presets. This pack has been delicately crafted to transcend the norm, delivering a unique aesthetic edge that leaps beyond conventional filters provided by apps such as VSCO. It consists of four distinct presets, all seamlessly matched with both Lightroom desktop and mobile.

The ARTA Presets are versatile in their application, fitting for diverse photography types whether travel, fashion, lifestyle or blogging. Artists striving for consistency on outlets like Instagram will find these presets particularly beneficial. The improvements they introduce to photo quality are undeniable and they provide a strong foundation for creating stunning, individualistic photographs. The presets have been meticulously tested across an extensive range of images captured by varying devices, from mobile phone cameras to professional DSLR, ensuring superior functionality and usage experience for all users.

Implementing the ARTA Presets is a breeze; the package comes accompanied by a clear text-based tutorial that efficiently guides users through the installation process. Notably, the presets are flexible, functioning with the free Lightroom App, eliminating the need for a subscription. Users should note however that to reach desktop compatibility, Lightroom CC is necessary. Also, to fully harness these presets, users may need to make minor adjustments to tailor the effect to individual images.

Details & Features

  • 4 desktop Lightroom presets (.XMP files)
  • 4 mobile Lightroom presets (.DNG files)
  • Compatible with both free and subscription-based versions of Lightroom app
  • Text-based tutorial for smooth installation and usage
  • Works well with photos taken from diverse devices, both mobiles and DSLRs
  • Ideal for various photography styles and social media platforms
  • Unique improvements on photo quality

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the ARTA Earthy Cine Lightroom Presets because they transform routine photographs into artistry with an easy to achieve, sublime earthy appeal. Their broad compatibility range is a game-changer, enabling users on different devices to equally enjoy their distinct features. Additionally, their versatility across diverse photography genres is impressive. Enhancing your photos has never been easier and more refined.