Bernadetta Classic Serif

Bernadetta Classic Serif
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The inclusion of glyph variations further expands its creative reach.

Meet Bernadetta, a timeless display serif font that combines modern aesthetics with classic design. Available in both regular and italic styles, Bernadetta offers a bevy of glyph variations, including alternates and ligatures. Its versatility allows designers to experiment and craft unique typographic elements that truly stand out.

Perfect for various design projects, Bernadetta is well suited for branding, advertising, product designs and more. Its rhythmic flow enhances logos, stationery, magazine layouts, as well as book and cover title designs. For those seeking to infuse artistic flair into their work, Bernadetta also complements photography, art quotes, wedding designs and fashion designs splendidly.

Created by Agnyhasyastudio, Bernadetta extends its sphere of influence beyond design. It is ideal for special events, labels, product packaging and any project requiring a versatile yet classic font. Whether you're a seasoned design professional or a novice, Bernadetta promises to elevate your projects with its elegant charm.

Details & Features

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numeral & Punctuation
  • Multilingual Support
  • Opentype Features
  • Available in OTF/TTF/WOFF/WOFF2 Formats
  • Guides to access all alternate glyphs

Why We Like It

Bernadetta scores high on practicality, versatility and beauty, making it a valuable asset to designers. Its blend of modern and classic design complements a wide range of projects. The inclusion of glyph variations further expands its creative reach. Top that with easy accessibility and user-friendly features, this serif font comes highly recommended.