Pollyester Gothic Font


Pollyester is a stylish blackletter typeface font that combines traditional elements with modern designs. It works well in both digital and print formats, making it a go-to choice for designers looking for a font that can be used across multiple platforms. It is particularly well-suited for designing logos and branding materials for modern and innovative brands that want to stand out from the competition.

It features a range of characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Its bold, strong lines and intricate details make it an excellent choice for creating impactful headlines, titles, and other prominent text elements.

Features of This Font

  • OTF file format
  • Uppercase & lowercase letters, numerals, symbols & punctuation
  • Alternative glyphs, & ligatures
  • Free updates
  • Life long support

Why We Like It

The font’s unique style draws inspiration from traditional blackletter gothic fonts, but adds modern design elements to create a fresh and contemporary look. Overall, Pollyester is a must-have font for any designer looking to add a touch of sophistication and modernity to their work.