Brellos Fiesta Font

Brellos Fiesta Font
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With each stroke, it exudes audacity, backed by its cowboy twang.

Meet Brellos Fiesta Font, a neat little find that will add quite a punch to all your design endeavours. Inspired by Mesiko, it brings both the fun and the bold, bedecked in a Mexican typeface style that simply wows. It's breathtakingly thick, effortlessly stealing the design limelight whether it's on a poster, apparel, or branding items.

Brellos is perfect for enhancing themes around the 'wild west', 'lucha libre' or similar strong, bold themes. With each stroke, it exudes audacity, backed by its cowboy twang. But the enjoyment doesn't stop there; it extends to the free vintage-style extras that come with the typeface. These allow you to mix and match, tailoring your designs with ease.

As for the practicality of using Brellos, it satiates everyone from seasoned designers to design enthusiasts. It comes in different formats, such as OpenType-PS, OpenType-TT, and Web-TT, ensuring all design needs are adequately met. Whether the strong, bold touch or the lively, fancy appeal is what you're seeking, Brellos Fiesta Font has it.

Details & Features

  • A-Z Character Set
  • Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Multilingual
  • Available in OpenType-PS, OpenType-TT, and Web-TT formats
  • Comes with vintage-style handmade extras

Why We Like It

Brellos Fiesta Font offers a rare blend of strength and fun, allowing designers to truly express their creativity. It stands out with its authentic Mexican touch and thickness that add charm to any design it graces. What's more, its versatility and convenient extras make it a must-have for every designer's toolkit.