Luchador Font

Luchador Font
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But the real knockout is the included bonus font, Gunnar Regular.

Meet Luchador, a heavyweight serif display typeface that brings the vibrant energy and charisma of Mexican wrestling to your creative arsenal. Built by the design whizzes at Great Scott, Luchador elegantly blends style and substance, turning every use into an eye-catching spectacle. Two different styles, Luchador Regular and Luchador Oblique, allow for dynamic versatility in design projects.

Each style comes packed with over 300+ unique glyphs, turning every word, sentence, or paragraph you type into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Not to be outdone, the layered ornaments give every letter an additional layer of character and appeal, making the resulting text stand out on any medium. The typeface also supports a vast array of international languages, making it perfect for a global audience.

As a cherry on top, Great Scott throws in a bonus font: Gunnar Regular. A renowned favorite from the GSCO font-family, Gunnar Regular adds another layer of depth to your creative toolkit, ensuring your design projects never lack variety or style.

Details & Features

  • Two primary styles: Luchador Regular and Luchador Oblique
  • Layered ornaments for added detail
  • Over 300+ unique glyphs per style
  • Supports a vast range of international languages
  • Included bonus font: Gunnar Regular
  • Ideal for a diverse range of creative design projects
  • Designed by the well-respected Great Scott

Why We Like It

What's not to love about Luchador? The fusion of style and substance, the diverse range of glyphs, and its support for global languages make it instantly appealing. But the real knockout is the included bonus font, Gunnar Regular. It's like getting a two-for-one deal that significantly strengthens your design versatility.