Burnt Orange VSCO Lightroom Presets

Embrace an evocative warmth within your photographs with the Burnt Orange VSCO Lightroom Presets.

Embrace an evocative warmth within your photographs with the Burnt Orange VSCO Lightroom Presets. Infusing a captivating orange tone that is reminiscent of the beloved VSCO filter, this set takes your photos on a journey through a world awash in autumnal hues. Not limited to one singular aesthetic, it allows for customization, making it suitable for numerous types of outside and indoor portrait shots.

Developed by ARTA presets, the Burnt Orange VSCO collection elevates your photographs to new heights, regardless of whether you're a travel photographer, a fashion or lifestyle blogger, or simply someone interested in enhancing their photos. Tested rigorously with both professional DSLR cameras and various phone cameras, these presets aim to cultivate an appealing experience for every user. Adaptability sits at the heart of this collection, with ease of use prioritized for both free mobile applications and desktop versions of Lightroom.

Beyond offering a warm and inviting color palette, this collection also includes a text-based tutorial to guide users through the installation process. Each preset is adaptable to both .DNG and .XMP formats, supporting Lightroom on iOS, Android, and Desktop platforms. Above all, remind yourself that while every photograph may vary, these presets provide a solid foundation to start enhancing your images wonderfully.

Details & Features

  • Beautiful, warm burnt orange hue for a compelling aesthetic
  • Customizable presets suitable for a variety of photography styles
  • Compatible with both mobile and desktop Lightroom apps
  • .DNG and .XMP formats available
  • Tutorial included to guide through installation
  • Interested users do not require a subscription to use these presets
  • Perfect for travel and lifestyle bloggers, and anyone wishing to enhance their photos

Why We Like It

We highly recommend the Burnt Orange VSCO Lightroom Presets for its versatility and warm aesthetic appeal. This collection's adaptability across various photo types and its user-friendly design make it an excellent tool for both professionals and beginners. Moreover, its distinctive orange hue helps photos stand out, making it perfect for those seeking an immersive, autumnal vibe.