Burtons Retro Font

Burtons Retro Font
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Its unique serif and script duo makes this font perfect for any type of display item.

Introducing the new Burtons Retro Font, a captivating display font with an enticing array of characters. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this font duo - comprising of a unique serif and script duo - can transform your simple pieces into significant artifacts. From headlines and logotypes to signs, posters, and t-shirts, this font brings life into any sort of display item.

Accentuating the charm of the Burtons Retro Font is its versatility. It excellently merges style with functionality, serving both uppercase and lowercase letters. Alongside this, it also brings a distinct appeal by possessing stylistic alternates, making it an all-rounded yet robust asset to your typographic toolset. The retro vibe of this font allows you to recreate the soulful era in your creations.

Burtons Retro Font extends its charisma beyond standard characters too. It adds flavor to your messages with a comprehensive collection of symbols and punctuation. Additionally, it conveniently features international characters, making it a globally applicable add-on to your font portfolio.

Details & Features

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Stylistic Alternates (OpenType Features)
  • Ligatures (OpenType Features)
  • Symbols & Punctuation
  • International Characters
  • Perfect for headlines, logotypes, signs, posters, greeting card, letterhead, t-shirt, and many more
  • PDF Characters Map for efficient usage

Why We Like It

We recommend the Burtons Retro Font for its enviable blend of functionality and style. Its unique serif and script duo makes this font perfect for any type of display item. Also, its comprehensive feature set, including stylistic alternatives, ligatures, and a versatile assortment of symbols and punctuation, provides an elevated level of customization.