Cool Kids Lightroom Presets

Cool Kids Lightroom Presets
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A touch of black is also added to the images.

The Cool Kids Lightroom Presets are meticulously designed to help you achieve unique and sharp looks for your photos with ease. The novel, desaturated aesthetic it lends to your fresh images, without you doing the hard work, is its highlight, making it a must-have. Give your newborn photos a refreshing cool-kid vibe that will stand out in every frame.

The Din Studio Presents Pack, part of this collection, is your trusted companion for creating top-notch and consistent photos. Ideal for your Instagram feeds, website, or portfolio, these presets give your photos an edge, eliminating the need to spend hours editing a single photo. You’re a step away from transforming your photos with just one click using these remarkable presets.

The Cool Kids Lightroom Presets offer a desaturated look, more specifically, desaturates blue and green colors, while increasing sharpness. A touch of black is also added to the images. Be it for professional photography, blogging, or casual Instagramming, this preset collection is an ideal choice for photos that scream young and cool.

Details & Features

  • Unique desaturated aesthetic
  • Helps achieve consistent photo styles
  • Efficient one-click photo editing
  • Desaturates blue and green colors
  • Increases photo's sharpness
  • 15 presets for both desktop and mobile
  • Comes with PDF guides for installing presets on mobile and desktop

Why We Like It

The presets save us precious time by achieving complex effects quickly. We love how it can alter the vibe of a picture drastically by desaturating specific colors and sharpening the image. But above all, the fact that it's compatible across all platforms, comprising Android, IOS, windows, and Mac, makes it an easy recommendation.