Design Real Estate Brochure


This 8-page brochure is designed for real estate businesses that want to showcase their properties in an elegant and modern way. The design of the brochure is visually appealing and uses a simple, minimalist approach to present information to potential buyers.

The brochure contains a cover page that features an image of a luxurious property, which instantly captures the attention of the reader. The rest of the brochure is divided into sections that cover different aspects of the property.

The designer has used ample white space to create a clean and uncluttered layout, which makes it easy for the reader to focus on the information being presented. The brochure also uses a consistent color palette throughout, which adds to its professional and polished look.

Features of This Brochure

  • 8 custom pages
  • Print ready (300 dpi, CMYK)
  • Paragraph style
  • Layered
  • Compatible with InDesign CS4, CS5 & CS6
  • Free fonts

Why We Like It

This brochure is an excellent example of how design can be used to enhance the presentation of information. With its elegant design and practical layout, this brochure is sure to impress anyone who picks it up.