Faded Lightroom Presets for Portraits

This tool is indeed a must-have for any artist's toolkit.

For anyone seeking to add a smoky allure to their outdoor portrait photos, look no further than the Faded Lightroom Presets for Portraits set. Comprising 20 different presets, this collection gives your photos an appealing retro nostalgia. With compatibility extending to Lightroom 4 and above, this bundle is essential for enhancing your modern photos with a touch of the past.

The Faded Collection is not merely about applying filters; it's about inspiration and creativity. This trove of 20 exclusive presets replicates the timeless elegance and evocative charm of classic film. With a loving attention to detail, each preset from Insta Fade is designed to instantly lift the aesthetics of your photos in just a click.

Above all, we've ensured that our presets are non-destructive. You can restore your images to their original state with a zero-fuss single-click mechanism, keeping your original Raw image always secure. And we've got you covered regardless of your lighting style - these presets function proficiently with all lighting types.

Details & Features

  • 20 different Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate)
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4 and higher
  • Provides a retro nostalgic look to images
  • Non-destructive presets that allow for easy resetting
  • Works well with all styles of lighting
  • Product contains instructions on how to install Lightroom Presets (PDF)

Why We Like It

We wholeheartedly recommend the Faded Lightroom Presets for Portraits collection because of its power to transform your photos into timeless pieces. Don't let the simplicity fool you, as each preset is 100% capable of reconstructing an era of classic film nostalgia in your portraits. This tool is indeed a must-have for any artist's toolkit.