Globe Traveling Lightroom Presets

Editing photos like a pro has never been this easy.

Welcome to the world of easy and effortless photo editing with our Globe Traveling Lightroom Presets. Specially designed for bloggers who don't want to delve into the time-consuming process of detailed editing, these 10 presets give you professionally edited photos within minutes.

These presets are tailor-made to simplify your editing routine. With only three simple steps: buy the collection, apply your favourite setting, and adjust white balance and exposure, you are all set to turn your photos from mediocre to fabulous. The focus is to save your precious time and give you more room for creativity.

Navigating through your editing session has never been easier with our help PDF file, designed to guide you every step of the way. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, as well as desktop platforms, Globe Traveling Lightroom Presets provide seamless and smart editing on almost any platform.

Details & Features

  • 10 Presets Desktop for Lightroom
  • 10 Presets Camera Raw for Photoshop
  • 10 Presets Lightroom Mobile
  • Help PDF file to guide you through the editing process
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android device & Desktop
  • Supports various File Formats: RAW, DNG, TIFF, JPEG
  • Easy to use and adjust

Why We Like It

We highly recommend Globe Traveling Lightroom Presets because of their perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness. Editing photos like a pro has never been this easy. We're impressed with the speed, the wide range of file format support, and the versatility of use across devices. Plus, the quick help PDF file is a great guide for beginners.