Instant Hipster Portrait Lightroom Presets

This is not just another set of filter overlays.

Offering a quick solution to give your photos a retro-modern, hipster feel, our Instant Hipster Lightroom Presets are designed to impress. The bundle comprises of 40 distinct fadeable presets that allow you to add various shades of vintage vibe to your portraits. The adjustments on these presets can be manually modified to match your specific aesthetic preference.

This is not just another set of filter overlays. We consider the nuances that make a good photo, including render speed and application weight. Each preset is under 100KB ensuring Lightroom maintains its performance speed. Therefore, these Instant Hipster presets are both efficient and dependable, providing you with the most accurate Instagram-like aesthetic on the market.

Each of the 40 presets come in five varying strengths, adding a level of customizability to the photo editing process. Now, it's easier to decide the dominate color grading for each photo. The adjustable tone setting allows you to modify the contrast and fade of the effects, giving you greater control over the final look of your portraits.

Details & Features

  • 40 fadeable color grading presets
  • Adjustable tone for contrast and fade modification
  • 100% compatibility with Lightroom 4 - Classic CC versions
  • Minimal settings that won't re-touch your basic settings
  • Also compatible with video files
  • Light rendering with presets under 100KB
  • Fully supported on the LR Toolkit Workflow System

Why We Like It

We recommend the Instant Hipster Portrait Lightroom Presets for their versatility and reliability. Their ability to encompass various strengths adds a unique layer of customizability to photo and video editing. The presets are lightweight and maintain Lightroom's performance speed, ensuring a smooth workflow. Furthermore, their compatibility with the LR Toolkit workflow system makes them an essential tool for professional and amateur photographers alike.