Minimalist Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Crafted specifically to gift your photographs a minimalist, yet striking feel.

Presenting the modern collection of Minimalist Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets. Crafted specifically to gift your photographs a minimalist, yet striking feel. This unique collection includes a variety of low-contrast toning effects, enhancing the uniqueness in your portraits like never before.

The set contains 11 meticulously designed presets, each of which can bring a beautiful transformation in your photos with just a few clicks. Offering soft and bright tones with a stylish minimalistic twist, these presets save precious time on editing. Moreover, their versatility empowers you to use them on a wide array of images and adapt according to the individual photo needs.

The brilliance of these presets extends across multiple photography genres, from fashion and lifestyle to weddings and street photography. Bloggers, influencers, travel enthusiasts, professional indoor/outdoor photographers, and even food photographers can greatly benefit. It's a fantastic tool to elevate almost any kind of photography.

Details & Features

  • One-click application
  • Gives high-quality results
  • Allows easy editing of effects
  • Non-destructive workflow
  • Includes detailed help and instructions
  • Tested and experimented for excellent results
  • Compatibility: Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and 7(CC), Adobe Photoshop Action, Adobe Lightroom Mobile. Works on both Mac and PC, suitable for RAW and JPEG images

Why We Like It

The Minimalist Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets collection stands out due its unique versatility across a range of photography genres. Its ability to bring a distinctive minimalist feel to any image with just a few clicks, saving countless editing hours, is truly praiseworthy. The quality of results achieved maintains the natural look of photos, making us recommend this tool without a second thought.