Moody Portrait Lightroom Presets

To ensure versatility and variety, each preset has minor adjustments in color and tone.

For professionals or enthusiasts aiming to put an artistic spin on their outdoor photoshoots, our Moody Portrait Lightroom Presets are an exceptional tool. This set of 18 presets transforms every outdoor portrait image into a warm, moody visual treat. Highlight the natural mood and character of your portrait shots with intensified colors and skillful tonal adjustments.

Envision the deep, inviting warmth of a rich cup of coffee, and you'll start to grasp the concept behind our MOODY collection. Each Lightroom Preset manages to create complex visual narratives with adjustable contrasts, nuanced warm tones, and an overall cozy aura. These presets are well-suited for outdoor wedding shoots, rural outdoor image captures and landscapes.

Adapting these presets to your images and personal preferences is seamless thanks to the easy modifications possible. To ensure versatility and variety, each preset has minor adjustments in color and tone. This collection respects your original work, remain 100% non-destructive, and allows you to revert to the original image state effortlessly.

Details & Features

  • Contains 18 unique Lightroom presets
  • Created specifically for outdoor portrait photography
  • Meticulously designed warm and moody effects
  • Slight variations in each preset for enhanced adaptability
  • 100% non-destructive presets protecting your RAW images
  • Compatible with ADOBE LIGHTROOM 4, 5, 6, CLASSIC, MOBILE & CC
  • Includes a comprehensive installation instruction PDF

Why We Like It

We recommend the Moody Portrait Lightroom Presets for its remarkable blend of artistic finesse, user-friendliness, and non-destructive attributes. Its ability to imbue outdoor portrait photos with warm, moody tones while enhancing color and tone consistency effortlessly transforms mundane shots into noteworthy works of visual art.