Morrello Bold Font

Morrello Bold Font
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Meet Morrello: it's not just a font, but a personality itself that loves to stand out.

Meet Morrello: it's not just a font, but a personality itself that loves to stand out. Conceived from a vibrant nostalgia of the 60’s and 70’s, Morrello is a bold retro decorative serif font, complete with beautiful ligatures and tons of alternative glyphs. Every line Morrello sketches emanate an essence of uniqueness lined with a clean groove residing within its bold body.

Enhancing its functionality is its ability to converse in multiple languages and embrace both uppercase and lowercase alphabets. With Morrello, you get an impressive level of versatility; it can command attention in large sizes on headlines and cover designs, all while retaining its charm when used subtly in logos, quotes or merchandise. Its keystrokes carry a vintage feel, effortlessly taking your design projects back to the golden era.

Morrello extends its repertoire with an open type feature that comes with a substantial number of alternates. These features add to the flexibility and adaptability of the font, allowing you to craft exceptional letterings, perfectly suited for social media posts and greeting cards.

Details & Features

  • Bold retro decorative serif font
  • Beautiful ligatures and alternative glyphs
  • Multilingual support
  • Highly versatile for large and small sizes
  • Open type feature with numerous alternatives
  • Perfect for varying design projects

Why We Like It

We love Morrello's bold, nostalgic appeal and the versatility it brings to any design project. The range of alternative glyphs and multilingual support adds to its assets making it apt for an expansive user base. Its ability to accommodate both subtle charm and grandeur makes it a fantastic addition to any designer's toolkit.