Stylish Portrait Pro Lightroom Preset

It doesn't just display reality, but adds a high-quality, enriching layer to your images.

Experience immersive aesthetics through the Stylish Portrait Pro Lightroom Preset – a resource meticulously created to enhance the tone, mood, and professional touch in your portraits. The versatility of this preset sees its application on both indoor and outdoor photos, rendering it a reliable companion for photographers. With an adjustment that can be customized at a click, this preset encapsulates the dynamics, the realness, and the vibrancy of every image it is applied to.

Transcend the ordinary into a stylized and moody bright-tone portrait with this Lightroom Preset. Designed not only for professionals but also for beginners aiming to constantly improve, this resource helps achieve consistency, a recognizable, unique style, and overall beautiful mood in your photos. This collection is a perfect balance for a spectrum of settings including indoor and outdoor photography, weddings, urban shots, fashion trends, travel photography, landscapes, architecture, and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking to depict the engagement euphoria, the mouth-watering appeal of food photography, or the magnificence of weddings, this versatile preset collection sets you apart. It doesn't just display reality, but adds a high-quality, enriching layer to your images. In essence, it's more than a preset, it’s an art-making tool to elevate your photography, packaged in not only .LR template files but also DNG files, CameraRAW Xmp files, Readme files and more.

Details & Features

  • Single-click application.
  • High-quality result.
  • Editability of effects.
  • Non-destructive workflow.
  • Detailed help/instructions in PDF file included.
  • Tested and proven effectiveness.
  • Includes .LR template files, CameraRAW Xmp files and DNG files.

Why We Like It

Why would we recommend this Lightroom Preset? It's the fusion of practicality, quality, and creativity this item brings. Its flexibility to adapt across photography realms, easy customization, and the distinguishing style it imprints on images makes it a treasured resource. Not to mention, it’s perfect for photographers of all skill levels, with comprehensive instructions to guide you.