Tanzanite Lightroom Presets

Moreover, its one-click application makes it highly user-friendly.

The Tanzanite Lightroom Presets pack serves as a versatile tool for photographers of all genres. In just a single click, it can add a vibrant, blue hue to your images, all while keeping their original integrity intact. Known for its non-destructive filter, the pack includes 13 unique presets that can enhance not just product photography but everything from fashion to architecture.

Offering a high-quality result that is easily editable, Tanzanite Lightroom Presets are designed to elevate your images in a balanced and eye-pleasing way. The presets promise to deliver consistency, recognizable style, and a beautiful mood, whether for late-night landscapes or beach parties. Moreover, they cater to a variety of settings, from road trips with friends to food photography.

These presets are compatible not just with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and 7(CC) but also with Adobe Photoshop Action and Adobe Lightroom Mobile. The Tanzanite Lightroom Presets pack works with both Mac and PC, and can be easily adjusted to perfectly fit any RAW or JPEG image. Plus, installation instructions are always included for a smooth experience.

Details & Features

  • Offers single-click, easily editable effects
  • Includes 13 unique presets
  • Enhances images without destruction
  • High-quality results
  • Detailed instructions provided in a PDF
  • Thoroughly tested and experimented on

Why We Like It

In our opinion, the Tanzanite Lightroom Presets pack stands out for its versatility and utility. It's perfect for any photographer looking to add a unique touch to their images without overcomplicating the editing process. Moreover, its one-click application makes it highly user-friendly. The high-quality and easily editable results make this presets pack a must-try.