40+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates of 2024

Planning to develop a new web app? Or create a stunning backend membership area for your services? Then it’s time to start thinking about designing an admin dashboard.

Creating an effective admin dashboard that your users enjoy coming back to over and over again can be a challenging task.

You have to work with user experience designers to make sure the design offers the best experience to your users.

Thankfully, we have a solution that’ll help you save a lot of money and time, by starting with one of these stunning admin templates!

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How & Why to Use an Admin Template

If your project has a big budget, or if you have an in-house design or dev team, by all means consider creating your own admin dashboard for your project from scratch.

But for most startups and small businesses, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on UX designers and web designers to craft an admin dashboard when you can easily purchase a pre-designed template and customize it yourself.

Not only these templates are designed by professionals, but they have also been tested for compatibility and are completely bug-free. All you have to do is download the template and start developing the back-end of your dashboard.

Admin templates made with Bootstrap are particularly powerful. Especially since Bootstrap is a mobile-first framework and it’s fully responsive (which makes sure your admin dashboard looks great across both desktop and mobile devices).

Best Bootstrap Admin Templates

Enlink – Bootstrap Admin Template

Enlink - Bootstrap Admin Template

Enlink is a Bootstrap-powered admin template that comes with a very developer-friendly design. It features many flexible components for building an effective admin dashboard for various types of software. The template is also available in light and dark color themes as well as multiple theme variations.

NobleUI – Admin & Dashboard Template

NobleUI - Admin & Dashboard Template

Built with the latest Bootstrap 4 framework, this template features a design made with SASS, allowing you to easily customize the design however you like. It also includes lots of charts, form validation, NPM package management, and much more. The template is available in both light and dark designs as well.

Metrica – Laravel Admin & Dashboard Template

Metrica - Laravel Admin & Dashboard Template

If you’re looking for a clean and minimal admin dashboard template, this one is for you. It comes with a very professional design with lots of customizable components. The template features support for RTL layouts and it’s ideal for various apps such as analytics, CRMs, project management, and more.

Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template

Sneat Bootstrap Admin Template

Sneat Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template is the most developer-friendly & highly customizable template based on Bootstrap 5. If you’re a developer looking for a Bootstrap 5 Admin Template enriched with features and a highly customizable look no further than Sneat. Offering ultimate convenience and flexibility, you’ll be able to build whatever application you want without hassle.

Furthermore, you can use this Bootstrap Admin template to create eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. Besides, your apps will be completely responsive, ensuring they look stunning and function flawlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Dore – Html jQuery Bootstrap Admin Template

Dore - Html jQuery Bootstrap Admin Template

Dore is a high-quality admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap that also comes with a matching landing page template. It features a minimalist layout for creating clutter-free designs.

The template also lets you choose from 12 different color schemes, 4 applications, and plenty of unique components for customizing the design.

Slim Clean & Modern Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Slim Clean & Modern Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

This is a massive bundle of Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard templates that let you design all kinds of app dashboards and UI interfaces with less effort.

The bundle includes more than 100 different HTML templates, over 1000 UI elements, lots of widgets, 8 types of charts, 800 font icons, and support for RTL layouts.

Highdmin – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Highdmin - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Highdmin is a modern and creative admin dashboard built with Bootstrap 4. It features a layout that allows you to effectively create a multi-page admin panel and customize it however you like.

The bundle includes both verticle and horizontal layouts featuring 83 different page designs, including pricing pages, task boards, file manager, and more.

Bracket+ Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Bracket+ Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Bracket Plus comes with a stylish design inspired by material design. The template is perfect for making dashboards with analytics, reports, content management, and much more.

The pack comes with more than 100 unique HTML templates built with Bootstrap 4 and over 1000 UI elements.

Gleek – Powerful Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Gleek - Powerful Bootstrap4 Admin Template

Gleek is a collection of Bootstrap 4 admin templates you can use to make many different types of admin dashboard for different types of apps and websites.

The bundle includes 21 different admin dashboard layouts, 40 different layout styles in light and dark color themes as well as RTL layouts.

Klorofil – Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Klorofil - Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Klorofil is a free Bootstrap admin template you can use to create a clean and minimalist dashboard for a SaaS app. The template includes a fully customizable layout full of charts, graphs, timelines, to-do lists, and much more.

Veltrix – Admin & Dashboard Template

Veltrix - Admin & Dashboard Template

Veltrix is a fully responsive admin template that comes with both horizontal and vertical layouts. The template is built using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework and includes charts, data tables, SaaS support, form validation, and much more for building a powerful admin dashboard for your app.

Stexo –  Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Stexo - Admin & Dashboard Template

This Bootstrap admin template includes both light and dark color theme versions, a must-have feature for modern dashboards. It also includes many useful features like support for RTL languages, verticle and horizontal layouts, calendar views, and additional login and signup pages.

Concept – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Concept - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Concept is a modern dashboard template that comes with lots of unique elements such as collapsed and fixed sidebar layouts and lots of additional page templates. You can use it to create a complete admin dashboard experience featuring signup and register forms, pricing tables, error pages, inbox, and much more.

Dashforge – Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template

Dashforge - Bootstrap Dashboard Admin Template

This is a multipurpose admin dashboard template featuring a clean and responsive design. The template includes 4 pre-made dashboard templates you can use to create admin dashboards for various apps and services. The template also includes a skin customizer for easily customizing the design as well.

DAdmin – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

DAdmin - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

DAdmin features a modern and minimalist dashboard design you can use to build simple and effective admin dashboards for many types of apps.

Built with Bootstrap 4, the template comes with responsive page layouts, multiple page designs, vector maps, Google Fonts, and more.

Pixel Admin Lite

The light version of the Pixel Admin template doesn’t offer all the great features of its Pro version, but it includes plenty of great elements you need to get a personal project up and running.

Pixel Admin Lite only includes one dashboard design and comes with 7 page templates, over 10 UI components, a basic data table, and Google maps.

Zapily – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Zapily - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Zapily comes with a modern and luxury-themed admin dashboard design. It’s ideal for crafting minimalist and creative dashboards for premium and luxury apps.

The bundle includes 90 different page designs featuring RTL layouts, eCommerce pages, Instagram and Twitter widgets, and much more.

Boxify – Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Boxify - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Boxify is a modern Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template that comes in both light and dark color themes as well as both development and production versions of its backend panels. All of the elements can be easily customized to your preference as well.

MegaStack – Bootstrap 4 & Angular JS Admin Templates

MegaStack - Bootstrap 4 & Angular JS Admin Template

This is a massive bundle of admin dashboard templates that includes lots of customizable templates for making different types of dashboards for all kinds of apps.

It includes 9 different dashboard layouts featuring 500 HTML pages with 200 UI components, 2000 font icons, data tables, Google Maps, and much more.

Ample Admin

Ample Admin is one of the most popular admin templates on WrapPixel. The template is built with Bootstrap 3 and it comes with 3 dashboard designs in 6 color skins and over 600 pages.

The clean and minimalist design is the main attractive feature of Ample Admin template. It also features plenty of widgets, a mega menu, light and dark themed sidebars, and a number of custom pages.

Ample Admin Lite

This is the light version of the Ample Admin template. It only features one dashboard design with limited features but provides you with enough options to test the template before buying the Pro version.

Ample Admin Lite comes with 7 page templates and over 10 UI components for customizing the dashboard. For a simple personal project, this template is more than enough.

Pixel Admin

Pixel Admin is a unique admin template that comes in both light and dark themes. It also lets you choose from 3 dashboard styles, 6 color schemes, over 500 pages with over 500 UI components.

The template uses a slightly shaded color theme throughout its design that adds a nice touch to its user experience. The template also includes over 100 integrated plugins, a lightbox, a mega menu, and RTL support as well.

My Admin

My Admin is more than just an admin template, it’s an entire dashboard kit that comes with all the necessary widgets and options for creating any type of a web app, including admin panels, app backends, CMS, CRM, and more.

The template kit comes with 3 dashboard designs, which includes a unique Inbox and a calendar design. It also includes over 50 unique page templates and different types of charts. The template also features a smooth flat design, which your users will definitely fall in love with at first sight.

Maple Admin

Maple Admin has a modular design, which allows it to be easily customised for use in any backend project quickly. Documentation walks you through installing the template and exploring the various components that are bundled with the template.

It includes over 50 pages, stunning colour combinations, 100+ different UI components, and is based on the latest Bootstrap 3 code base.

Kode – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Kode is a mobile-first admin dashboard designed with tablets and smartphones in mind. The dashboard features a professionally crafted user interface that’s most suitable for eCommerce related apps and back-ends.

The template is built on Bootstrap 3 and includes 9 unique tabs and themes. It also comes with 2 text editors, 5 form layouts, 13 button layouts, dashboard widgets, modal boxes, and more.

Flatkit – Dashboard UI KIT

Flatkit is an all-in-one user interface kit that comes with multiple dashboard layouts you can use to build different types of admin pages. The template features a flat design inspired feel that also looks great on all devices.

The UI kit uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework and lets you choose from 6 different layouts that can be customized to a color of your choice.

Uplon – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Web App Kit

This is a professional admin template that’s been designed specifically for building back-ends for web apps and SaaS websites. The clean and responsive design layout makes the template suitable for building almost any type of an app.

Uplon features more than 250 pages with 90 charts and widgets. It also includes an additional landing page template as well.

Infinity – Responsive Web App Kit

A unique Bootstrap admin template featuring a live skin customizer that allows you to easily customize the template to make it your own. This template also features 8 pre-built templates in both light and dark color themes.

The template includes more than 70 pages, CSS and jQuery plugins, custom widgets, font icons, and much more.

Kenny – Admin Dashboard Responsive Template

Kenny is a colorful admin dashboard template you can use to build web apps and control panels. It features an easily customizable UI layout based on modular design.

The dashboard template also includes 4 unique dashboard designs, more than 90 custom pages, over 300 UI components, support for more than 1000 fonts, and more.

Material Design Admin with AngularJS

This material design inspired dashboard is made using both Bootstrap and AngularJS, making it ideal for building web apps. As a bonus, you’ll also get a landing page template to setup a page for your web app.

The template is also fully responsive and supports package management with Twitter Bower, automation with Gulp, and more.

One – Admin Dashboard UI Kit

A stunningly designed admin dashboard featuring a dark theme for building responsive user interfaces for mobile and web apps. One admin template comes with plenty of widgets, pages, and layouts that are also fully customizable.

AppUI – Bootstrap Admin Template

AppUI is a responsive Bootstrap template for building a beautiful backend to your web app. It’s been designed to offer a great user experience with a clean design.

The template includes both HTML and PHP version of the dashboard along with 5 bonus email templates you can use for sending confirmation and notification emails to your users.

Chain – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

A clean Bootstrap admin template built with HTML5 and CSS3. It comes with several unique page designs, including dashboards, user profile pages, and many other widgets as well.

The responsive design of the template makes sure that your backend looks great across all types of device screens.

Bracket – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

Built with the latest Bootstrap 4, Bracket is a fully responsive admin template that’s ideal for building a backend to SaaS websites, CMS, web apps, and more.

The template comes with several custom page designs, widgets, graphs, button layouts, modals, sliders, form validation, and more.

Starlight – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Starlight is a professionally designed modern admin template that uses a minimalist design inspired by material design. The responsive design of the template makes the admin dashboard work well with all devices.

It also comes with more than 500 UI elements, over 1000 icons, charts, maps, widgets, and much more.

Adminto – Responsive Admin Dashboard

Adminto is a complete admin dashboard kit that comes with all the necessary page designs for building a feature-packed user interface.

In addition to the dashboard and user profile templates, it comes with plenty of other page designs, buttons, widgets, charts, forms, modals, form wizard, form validations, and much more.

Abstack – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Web App Kit

Adstack is yet another stunning template built with Bootstrap 4. The template features a clean design with customizable widgets, forms, wizards, over 2000 icons, and more.

It also comes with a professionally designed pricing page and SaaS support as well.

Milestone – Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

This minimalist dashboard template is designed with plenty of reusable components that help you keep a consistent design across the entire user interface. It also comes with custom plugins, widgets, page layouts, and more.


Neon is yet another Bootstrap powered admin template that features a flat design. It comes with over 110 files with various layouts, templates, and resources for crafting a feature-packed admin dashboard.

Neon includes 3 dashboards in 9 skin designs. It also has a number of layouts with boxed menus, fixed sidebars, boxed layouts, and more. The template also gives you an integrated chat client interface for setting up a live support system for your customers.


Atlant is an advanced admin template that features a fully responsive design which supports retina displays. The template comes with 10 pre-designed layouts that can be used to build your dashboard instantly.

One of the unique features of Atlant template is that it has an easy-to-use page builder for creating your own pages and layouts for your admin dashboard. This page builder will give you a chance to customize the template quite easily to fit your needs.


This is not an ordinary admin template. Backend is a multipurpose template that comes with 4 unique admin templates that can be easily customized to build almost any kind of a backend you want.

The template uses a material design inspired layouts that are available in both light and dark themes. It’s also available in 8 color schemes, multiple template variations, searchable menus, sidebars, and much more.


Quirk is a beautiful Bootstrap admin template that features an eye-catching design. It’s built to fit well with most types of web apps backends and services.

Quirk features a tab-based navigation system that makes it easy for users to switch between navigation more quickly. It also features a unique table design, an Inbox page, beautiful user profile templates, and more.


Xenon may not be the ideal admin template for creating a complex dashboard, but its lightweight design makes it perfect for building a super-fast web app that works well on mobile devices.

In addition to the minimal dashboard designs, Xenon also features a beautiful Inbox page, Notes page, gallery manager, profile pages, and a skin generator for customizing the looks however you like.


ProUI admin template is also built with Bootstrap, but it uses its own modern design that overwrites the default design of the Bootstrap elements. ProUI also comes with both admin and front-end templates, making it a great choice for creating web apps, custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CRMs, CMS, and membership areas.

The template comes packed with lots of widgets, including widgets for statistics, social media, user profiles, and more. It also allows you to choose an admin layout in 16 color schemes. As a bonus, the template includes PSD files and several unique email templates you can use for your promotional campaigns.


Remark is a responsive Bootstrap admin template that features a material design inspired layout. The template is built with Bootstrap 4, the latest and the upcoming version of the framework. But, it’s also fully compatible with Bootstrap 3.

In addition to Classic and Material design dashboard layouts and 6 menu style designs, Remark template also comes with over 1000 UI elements, over 100 widgets, 6 page layouts, and much more.


Just as its name suggests, Materialism is yet another admin template that features a dashboard inspired by material design.

In addition to the modern layout, the Materialism template includes both AngularJS and HTML versions. Both of which includes lots of UI elements, forms, tables, charts, and lots more.


This template also comes with AngularJS and HTML versions. It features a material design layout and several plugins, including video players and audio players.

The Angulr template is a 5-in-one UI kit that includes several demos, including AngularJS App, HTML/jQuery, Music SPA (single page app), Google Material Design layout, and an App Landing template. It also features a contacts page template, a notes page, and multiple layout options for customizing the backend design.


Pages is an advanced web app template that’s more than just a dashboard. It’s an entire framework of its own that also has a widget marketplace for adding more features to the design and customizing the dashboard however you like.

Pages admin template is available in HTML, AngularJS, and MeteorJS versions. The team behind Pages template has also put a lot of thought into designing the dashboard for improved user experience. The template features a unique hidden navigation system, menu clipping function, a quick search function, and a ton of other great options.

You can also grab the Pages frontend template to built a web app that matches with your backend designs.

Summing Up

There’s more than one way to get things done. Using a template instead of hiring a designer will not only make sure you get a design you truly like, but it will also help you save a ton of money and invest it on growing your business.

Did you pick an admin template for your dashboard yet? Keep exploring by checking out our collections of minimal Bootstrap templates and landing page templates.