50+ Best Lightroom Presets of 2017

It’s time to think about upgrading those old Lightroom presets you’ve been using for the past year with a new, more powerful collection! This selection of presets can enhance your photos in ways that you’ve never considered before.

We’ve lined up some of the best and the latest Lightroom presets on the web, all packed with functionality to create stunning effects. Add these to your photo editing workflow, and you’ll add a whole new level of professional look-and-feel to your images!

2 Million+ Lightroom Presets, Add-Ons, Actions + More

Download hundreds of Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, and thousands of design assets with an Envato Elements membership. It starts at $16 per month, and gives you unlimited access to a growing library of over 2,000,000 presets, add-ons, templates, fonts, photos, graphics, and more.

Explore Lightroom Presets

Retouch Pro Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This is a bundle full of professional Lightroom presets made specifically for retouching portraits and other types of photos. The pack includes 15 different Lightroom effects, which are compatible with Lightroom 4 or better.

UltraPOP Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

UltraPop is a pack of creative Lightroom presets that allows you to add an extra bit of color to your boring photos to make them pop. The bundle includes 20 Lightroom effects suitable for different types of photos.

Modern Portrait Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

If you’re a photographer or a designer working with portraits, this collection of Lightroom presets will be indispensable for you. It includes 30 professional Lightroom effects for instantly improving portrait photos.

Burgundy Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This bundle comes with 14 Lightroom presets that adds a modern retro feel to your photos by adding a warm vintage tone. The effects are most suitable for improving landscape, portrait, and wedding photos.

Fashion Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This collection of Lightroom presets are ideal for photographers and designers who work with fashion photoshoots. It includes 23 Lightroom presets for optimizing your fashion and beauty photos while also preserving the original photo quality.

Interior Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This bundle of Lightroom presets are for improving your interior photography. It includes 20 effects that work for different types of situations such as low light, hotel rooms, bright interiors, and more.

Nightfall Dark Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Achieving the perfect color and light balance is almost impossible when shooting evening and night scenes. This pack of Lightroom presets make it much less painful. It includes 7 presets for improving or even giving your daylight photos a night tone.

20 Cinematic Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

The 20 unique Lightroom presets included in this bundle is designed to help make your photos look like they came out of a movie. All the effects have been created inspired by popular movies.

HDR PRO Lightroom Presets

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This is a bundle of 10 Lightroom presets designed for HDR photography. The different types of presets in this pack will improve your workflow and help process HDR photos much faster.

The Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

A massive bundle of 170 Lightroom presets improving different types of photos. It includes Lightroom effects in many different categories, including B&W effects, color enhancing, portrait adjustments, and much more.

230 Pro Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $25

We’ll off start the list with a massive Lightroom presets bundle that comes with 230 professional presets, that includes portrait, urban, retouch, nature, HDR, hipster, vintage presets and much more.

167 Essential Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $25

Yet another bundle of Lightroom presets that includes all the essentials you need to enhance your fashion, landscape, portrait, HDR, and newborn photos.

150+ Lightroom Preset Bundle

  • Price: $26

This bundle comes with lots of retouching, enhancing, HDR, portrait, nature, and many other types of presets a photographer can make use of. All the presets included in this bundle are fully customizable.

6 Portrait Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $14

The presets in this pack are more suitable for enhancing your portrait photos with more subtle effects and adjustments. The pack includes 6 different Lightroom presets, which you can also customize to your preference.

Coated Matte Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $6

If you’re a photographer who works with lots of lifestyle, nighttime, and urban locations, this Lightroom bundle would be ideal for you as it comes with 13 Lightroom presets for enhancing photos with effects that has a mix of both modern and vintage colors.

Cinematic Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $7

The Lightroom presets in this bundle are designed to give your photos a cinematic look. The bundle comes with 10 presets, including fashion shoot, 60’s western, thriller, film-noir, and other effects.

121 Multipurpose Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $20

With over 120 Lightroom presets in 13 different categories, this pack of presets will allow you to enhance and improve any kind of a photo you can think of.

15 Mixed Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $7

A bundle of mixed Lightroom presets for enhancing different types of photos, such as nature, portrait, landscape, outdoors, and beach photos.

Night Photo Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $8

The presets in this bundle are specifically designed for enhancing nighttime photos. The bundle includes 20 unique presets.

Nature HDR Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $5

For nature photographers, discovering this Lightroom bundle will be like finding gold. It comes with 15 different Lightroom presets for giving an HDR look to your nature and landscape photos.

Modern Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $6

This pack includes a set of powerful Lightroom presets that enhance portrait and outdoor photos in a highly detailed level. The pack includes 5 presets.

The FULL 220 Lightroom Presets BUNDLE

  • Price: $39

Yet another big bundle filled with many different types of Lightroom presets. It comes with several useful presets for enhancing portraits, outdoor, landscape, and even wedding photos.

20 Fashion Matte Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $5

This bundle comes packed with 20 unique Lightroom presets that gives your fashion photos an instant matte effect to make them look more like a page out of a fashion magazine.

Skin Retouch Lightroom Preset

  • Price: $8

Retouching the skin of your portrait and beauty photos will be a breeze with this incredibly effective Lightroom presets bundle, which includes 15 different presets for retouching photos.

Beauty Lightroom Preset for Magazines

  • Price: $2

This unique preset is designed to add more beauty to your photos. It’s a single preset, but it can be customized to fit many types of photos.

Better Food Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $20

For optimizing food related photos, this pack comes with 10 non destructive Lightroom presets for giving a professional look to your photos with just one click.

Albion Dark Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $12

The toning presets in this bundle are designed to give your ordinary photos a darker and a fantasy-like effect. The bundle includes 48 Lightroom presets.

Portrait Pack 14 Professional Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $5

Enhance and tweak your portrait photos using this Lightroom bundle, which comes with 14 different professional Lightroom presets.

Poster Effect Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $10

Turn your photos into 80’s style retro posters with this unique Lightroom bundle that comes with 23 presets.

Bjorndale Lightroom Preset Pack

  • Price: $12

This bundle comes with 3 presets for adjusting tones and mood and 15 preset variations for different lighting conditions and settings.

Portrait Essentials Premium Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $9

This Lightroom presets pack features 15 essential presets for enhancing different types of portrait photos.

Faded+ 20 Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $19

The presets in this bundle are for adding a soft, washed out effect to your photos. The bundle includes 20 editable presets.

50 Monochromatic Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $6

You can give your photos an artistic monochrome effect with the presets in this pack. It comes with 50 different effects.

12 Pop Portrait Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $5

Smart and precise calibration adjustments included in these Lightroom presets will give your portrait photos a more professional look.

20 Cinematic Color Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $8

A set of Lightroom presets that transforms your photos into scenes from a movie. The bundle includes 20 cinematic presets.

10 Pro Pack – Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $8

The professional Lightroom preset in this pack enhances photos with subtle optimizations. It’s ideal for portrait and outdoor photos.

10 PRO HDR Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $5

An ideal Lightroom presets pack for photographers and graphic designers for easily transforming ordinary photos into HDR images.

Beautiful Matte Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $12

22 incredibly effective Lightroom presets that’ll enhance all types of portrait photos.

16 Grunge Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $10

This bundle comes with 16 different presets for adding a unique grunge effect to your photos.

Premium City Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $10

The presets in this Lightroom bundle are designed to enhance the beautiful and scenic photographs of your city.

Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $9

For travel and landscape photographers, this is a must-have Lightroom presets bundle.

Pencil Sketch Pro Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $6

The 20 unique Lightroom presets in this bundle will turn your photos into hand-drawn pencil drawings.

Sweet Spring Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $12

Lightroom effects in this pack are ideal for optimizing outdoor photos. It comes with 28 presets.

Auto Color Separator

  • Price: 5

This is a unique Lightroom preset that allows you to automatically separate any color in an instant.

Light Leaks – Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $6

A collection of 6 different Lightroom presets featuring light leaks and light effects.

Lilac – 17 Toning Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $12

This bundle comes with 4 Lightroom presets for adjusting tone and 13 preset variations for different lighting conditions and white balance.

15 Painting Effect Lightroom Preset

  • Price: $8

The 15 unique presets included in this bundle gives photos a painting-like effect.

250+ HQ Lightroom Presets Pack

  • Price: $50

This is a pack of multiple Lightroom presets bundle that includes fashion, wedding, cinematic, Instagram, and many other types of Lightroom presets.

600 Hipster Lightroom Presets

  • Price: $39

A mammoth size Lightroom bundle to end your search for Lightroom presets.

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