20+ Business Card Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Designing a business card can be a truly fun and exciting experience – it’s basically the first step towards seeing your brand come to life! But as well as coming up with a unique and memorable design, it’s also important for your business card to fit in with the context of everyday reality, and appeal to those who will see it in different settings.

That’s where mockups come in. Business card mockups are the perfect way for you to see how your business card will look in real-life situations, before you commit to the design. Want to know what your card will look like when you leave it on a table at a cafe, or when you’re holding it out to a new potential client? No problem!

We’ve compiled a list of both free and professional business card mockup templates for you to choose from. Whether you want to see your card in someone’s hand, on a desk, or floating through the air, these templates will make that happen for you – just keep on reading and choose your favorites.

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Wooden Business Card Mockup Template

First in our list of the best business card mockup templates is this unique, nature-inspired option of a business card resting against a rough, weathered piece of wood, providing a stunning contrast and making your business card really stand out. It’s a great choice for a coastal or environmentally conscious business.

Leafy Business Card Mockup Template

Another great nature-themed business card mockup, this option features a man’s hand holding your business card against the background of some lush green palm leaves, for an earthy and fresh feel. This would be the perfect layout for a garden center, nature reserve or any other business where flora plays a key role.

Vertical Wooden Business Card Mockup Template

A sophisticated take on a classical mockup style, here we have an embossed vertical business card template displayed on a wooden surface. If your business cards feature this slightly unusual portrait orientation, this is a great way to showcase them – particularly if they also have a lighter colored background, which looks wonderful against the brown woodboards.

Coffee Shop Business Card Mockup Template

Our next business card mockup template features a woman holding a copy of your business card at a table, presumably in a cafe given the coffee and vase of flowers! It’s a perfect choice if you want to see how your cards will look in a real-life context, and promises a realistic and professional-looking result.

Headphones Business Card Mockup Template

This business card mockup template appears to have been made with music professionals in mind, and shows what your card will look like on the desk of a producer or talent scout! It also uses a vertical card template and applies an eye-catching varnish effect for maximum impact.

Realistic Business Card Mockup Template

For a photorealistic finish and a modern, fresh aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with this highly professional business card mockup. It includes seven interchangeable and high definition backgrounds, all inspired by real-life settings, as well as a range of photo filters and layers for further customization.

Pastel Business Card Mockup Template

This pastel business card mockup template is perfect if your business logo and corporate colors feature soft, sorbet-inspired tones! It offers three different angles and a simple, clean aesthetic, giving each mockup a modern and businesslike quality. As well as being a popular choice for corporate purposes, it’s also great for a freelancer or creative professional.

Paperclip Business Card Mockup Template

Simple and classic with a funky edge, this business card mockup features office-inspired elements for a professional vibe, and includes three separate mockup choices. The background color is easily changed, and each file is also fully compatible with smart objects for further customization.

Isometric Business Card Mockup Template

Our next item is an isometric business card mockup template, offering a clean and contemporary layout with a range of color options. It’ll show what your business card looks like from all angles, at the top of a pile – the way it should be!

Professional Business Card Mockup Template

Versatile and true to reality, this business card mockup includes four individual photorealistic layouts for you to showcase your card in a classic and professional way. It’s incredibly easy to edit through smart object functionality and offers an adjustable depth of field and high-resolution finish.

Creative Business Card Mockup Template

Creative businesses and professionals, this one’s for you! A fun, eccentric option that’s sure to help you make an impact, this colorful business card mockup displays your card floating among an array of eclectic objects, and offers two different angles to choose from.

Classic Business Card Mockup Template

If you’re looking for a fairly standard way to showcase your business card, this mockup collection offers a range of simple and classic layouts, from floating in the air to falling into a pile, and promises high quality, photorealistic results.

Simple Vertical Business Card Mockup Template

Vertical business cards are becoming an increasingly common way to help your brand stand out in a pile, and our next business card mockup has been designed with this in mind! It offers four simple yet highly effective photorealistic layouts, all of which include interchangeable background colors and an impressive 300 DPI resolution.

Basic Business Card Mockup Template

This eye-catching monochromatic business card mockup template is a winner for any corporate purpose. Featuring a simple yet elegant layout, this sleek design includes five different shots and angles, and allows you to change the color of both the background and the business card edges to ensure your card really pops.

Repeating Business Card Mockup Template

Repetition is the best way to remember things – so why not choose this repeating layout for your business card mockup? This template shows off both sides of your card in a grid formation, and is very simple to customize through smart object layer functionality.

Textural Business Card Mockup Template

A stunning choice for interior designers, architects or any other business where colors and materials matter, this beautifully crafted business card mockup template displays your brand against the contrasting surfaces of a smooth colored wall and a rough stone edge. You can even change the wall color to complement your card.

Flying Business Card Mockup Template

Simple and classic, our next business card mockup template will send your business cards flying through space. It offers three separate photorealistic layouts with a professional and unique presentation, plus smart object customization features for easy editing. This is surely one of the most eye-catching mockup designs available.

Rounded Business Card Mockup Template

If you’d like to feature rounded edges on your business cards, this mockup template will show you the finished result in a choice of three unique layouts against a marble effect surface. A highly versatile option, this mockup requires minimal editing and will suit any kind of color scheme or brand aesthetic.

Minimalist Business Card Mockup Template

If minimalism is part of your brand concept, then this business card mockup template is a perfect match. It displays your card leaning against a plain wall, featuring clever use of shadows to create a simple yet attention-grabbing effect. The background color can easily be changed to suit your corporate colors.

Hand Business Card Mockup Template

The final business card mockup template to be featured in our list is a true classic – a hand holding your card up against a plain colored background. It comes with four different aspects, and every aspect of the mockup is fully editable and easy to customize, meaning you can even use it with a vertical card if you choose.

And there you have it – a whole range of different business card mockup templates to choose from, each of them providing a unique way for you to see your new business card design in different real-life settings.