20+ Greeting Card Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Greeting cards are a fun and personal way to express your sentiments to someone you love or care for – from wedding invitations to birthday celebrations, and expressions of sympathy to romantic love notes, there’s rarely a feeling that can’t be portrayed effectively using a well-chosen greeting card.

But of course, for a greeting card to be effective, it needs to be well designed – and that means it should look exceptional when rendered as a physical card. It can be difficult to know how your design might look in reality until it’s too late – and that’s where mockups come in.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the best free and premium greeting card mockup templates that you can use to see how your greeting card will look once it’s been printed. There’s a huge range of different aesthetics and themes included, and what’s more, they’re all available for instant download. Read on to discover your favorite greeting card mockup template.

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Create Your Greeting Card Mockup

Minimalist Greeting Card Mockup Template

Ideal for any kind of greeting card, our first greeting card mockup template is clean and simple, featuring a succulent and a plain white surface, upon which your card is displayed next to an envelope. Both the greeting card and the envelope color can be customized, and you can also insert additional graphics.

Clean Christmas Greeting Card Mockup Template

A festive favorite, this premium greeting card mockup template displays your card alongside a range of Christmas themed items such as pine cones, cinnamon sticks and a wrapped up gift. Naturally, it’s perfect for any holiday card design, and you can change the color of the envelope and the card.

Simple Greeting Card Mockup Template

If you’re looking for a simple and classic way to display your greeting card design, consider this minimalistic spread of two portrait-oriented greeting cards against a plain background. With customizable colors to complement your card and a clean, uncluttered layout, it’s the perfect way to let your design speak for itself.

Coffee Table Greeting Card Mockup Template

Here we have a modern and simple greeting card mockup template where your card will be displayed standing on a plain white coffee table next to a pot plant. This mockup is a realistic way to tell what your design will look like on a physical card, and the neutral color scheme is sure to look great with any type of design.

Dark Christmas Greeting Card Mockup Template

Another option for Christmas themed greetings, this premium greeting card mockup features holiday-inspired decorations arranged on a plain black surface, with two cards in the middle to showcase your design. It’s a modern twist on the classic holiday aesthetic, and will be perfect for any festive greeting card.

Marble & Plant Greeting Card Mockup Template

Our next greeting card mockup template is this stunning free download from CreativeBooster, featuring beautiful marble details and delicate plant sprigs for an elegant and subtle backdrop that complements but doesn’t overpower your design. It can be used for any kind of landscape orientation greeting card.

Floral Greeting Card Mockup Template

An elegant and feminine option that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentines, wedding-themed or woman’s birthday cards, this free greeting card mockup displays your design sitting on top of a brown paper envelope, next to a pretty pink flower, against a plain background.

Rounded Landscape Greeting Card Mockup Template

Another option for landscape designs, this greeting card mockup template is a great choice if you want your card to have rounded edges. While the basic mockup is simple and clean, featuring realistic renditions of your greeting card against a plain background, it can also be customized extensively in Photoshop.

Artsy Greeting Card Mockup Template

For a more artistic greeting card mockup, consider this collection of beautiful, fully customizable layouts featuring an array of unique arrangements and perspectives. Each template includes adjustable shadows and other effects, and you can change all colors and design elements as required.

Recycled Paper Greeting Card Mockup Template

Our next greeting card mockup template is ideal for an environmentally conscious business or professional – it shows off your greeting card design coming out of an envelope made of recycled paper, amongst green, leafy branches on top of a tiled surface. You can edit this design using smart objects in Photoshop.

Square Greeting Card Mockup Template

A brilliant choice for a square greeting card design, this mockup template will showcase your work in a simple and authentic setting. It consists of Photoshop smart objects that can be easily customized to suit your aesthetic and brand, and is available for free download via the Free Mockup website.

Funky Greeting Card Mockup Template

Brilliant for a fun, lighthearted greeting card, such as a children’s birthday card or party invitation, this mockup template includes three unique layouts with polka dots, confetti stars and decorative string. Every aspect of this premium mockup can be edited using Photoshop, thanks to the smart object system used.

Coffee Shop Greeting Card Mockup Template

This eye-catching, multipurpose greeting card mockup template will showcase your design with a natural brown envelope, sitting on a rustic wooden surface next to a delicious-looking latte. You can download it for free from CreativeBooster, and then use Photoshop to add your own graphic elements.

Festive Greeting Card Mockup Template

Our next greeting card mockup template is a free festive option that’s been designed as a holiday card layout, but is in fact versatile enough to be used for other purposes, such as birthday cards and thank you notes. Using Photoshop, you can adjust the background and color themes to suit the mood and aesthetic that your design requires.

Minimalist Greeting Card Mockup Template

Simple and sweet, this series of five photorealistic mockups is available as a high-quality premium offering from Envato Elements, and can be used for any occasion. Using the high resolution, layered PSD files, you can change the background color, depth of field and other graphics with only a few clicks.

Wooden Rustic Greeting Card Mockup Template

A lovely greeting card mockup template for holiday-themed cards in particular, due to the rustic, wintery aesthetic, this free mockup is an authentic and versatile way to showcase your landscape orientation greeting card design, and can easily be edited using smart objects.

Simple Greeting Card Mockup Template

If you’re searching for a multipurpose template that will let your design speak for itself, this premium greeting card mockup template from Envato Elements is a popular choice. Each of the three photorealistic mockup layouts includes smart objects for simple customization, and is a versatile and professional option for any occasion.

Handheld Greeting Card Mockup Template

Another truly versatile option, here we have a hand holding up your landscape greeting card against a backdrop of lush green plants. It’s a neutral, minimalistic option that can be used for any occasion from corporate cards to birthday greetings, and is available for free download from CreativeBooster.

Fresh Greeting Card Mockup Template

Next in our collection of greeting card mockups, we’re featuring a fresh, minimal pair of templates that can be used for any purpose, but are best for corporate or business oriented cards. It’s available for free download from CreativeBooster, and can be customized easily in Photoshop.

Romantic Greeting Card Mockup Template

The last of our featured greeting card mockup templates is a gorgeous, feminine option that’s perfect for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s cards or wedding invitations. This high resolution, premium offering from Envato Elements features your card displayed on a plain, customizable surface next to a pink rose and a complimentary envelope.

And there you have it – a collection of diverse and high quality greeting card mockup templates, from a variety of sources. From free templates that you’re happy to use straight away to premium options that you’d prefer to customize, there’s bound to be a mockup template that’s perfect for your greeting card design.