30+ Letterhead Mockup Templates (Free & Pro)

Despite paperless communication becoming more and more commonplace in the modern business world, many organizations and professions still rely on letters (both physical and electronic form) to carry out their operations and communicate with stakeholders.

As a business owner or professional, you’ll be wanting your letters to make an impact as soon as they’re received, and the best way to do this is with a letterhead that represents your company branding. However, it can be difficult to know how your letterhead will look in real life – and that’s where mockups come in.

The following collection of free and premium letterhead mockup templates will help you bring your letterhead designs to life in a range of different styles and settings, and they’re all available for download through the links provided.

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Design Your Own Letterhead Mockup in Seconds

Why settle for one letterhead mockup template when you have access to thousands of different kinds of stationery mockups for just one price? Plus, you can edit all these templates online, without ever needing to use Photoshop.

That’s exactly what Placeit does. It lets you use high-quality mockups, edit them using its online editor, place your own designs, and download them quite easily. No need for Photoshop. And yes, it includes loads of letterhead mockups too, for all sorts of stationery products, in all sorts of settings. Think of it as a letterhead mockup generator. But of course, it’s more than that.

Create Your Letterhead Mockup Now

Letterhead With Business Card Mockups

Letterhead With Business Card Mockups

This mockup template has the perfect scene for showcasing modern letterhead designs. On this template, you can showcase your letterhead alongside a business card. You can also use the iPhone mockup to showcase a logo or website design as well.

Minimalist Letterhead Mockup Template

Minimalist Letterhead Mockup Template

If you want a more customizable and flexible mockup to present a letterhead design, be sure to grab this one. It features a bold mockup scene with a minimal aesthetic. The template can be easily customized to change the background and rearrange the objects.

Creative Business Card & Letterhead Mockup

Creative Business Card and Letterhead Mockup

This mockup template comes with a casual and friendly scene, which is especially suitable for showcasing letterhead designs for feminine brands. The template comes in PSD format with organized layers and smart objects.

Bold Letterhead Stationery Mockup

Bold Letterhead Stationery Mockup

The stylish shadow effect adds a realistic look and feel to this mockup scene. It’s perfect for showcasing letterheads and various other document designs. The template comes with changeable backgrounds and editable colors.

Free Business Letterhead Template

Free Business Letterhead Template

You can download this mockup template for free to showcase your business letterhead designs like a pro. It features a creative mockup scene with an open file.

Unique Business Card & Letterhead Mockup

Unique Business Card & Letterhead Mockup

This mockup allows you to create your own unique scene to present letterhead designs. It even has a cool plastic wrapping effect that you can enable or disable as you like. There’s space for a business card mockup too.

Hands Holding Letterhead Mockup

Hands Holding Letterhead Mockup

With this mockup, you can showcase your letterhead design as if they are being held by two hands. There are 3 different mockup scenes in this bundle, each with a different background design. And you can also customize the background.

Shadow Letterhead Mockup Scene

Shadow Letterhead Mockup Scene

The elegant scene with the natural shadow effect gives luxury vibes from this mockup template. It’s perfect for showcasing letterhead and stationery designs for high-end brands and businesses.

Simple Perspective Letterhead Mockup

Simple Perspective Letterhead Mockup

This letterhead has a very simple and minimal design. You can easily customize the background and place your letterhead designs using smart objects. It’s great for all sorts of personal and business letterhead designs.

Free Letterhead Document Mockup

Free Letterhead Document Mockup

The minimal and clean design of this mockup makes it a great choice for showcasing all kinds of stationery designs, including letterheads. The template comes in PSD format with easily editable layers.

Plants Letterhead Mockup Template

Our first letterhead mockup template, a premium option sourced from Placeit, features two letterhead papers in a clean, modern setting of various plants against a surface of wood and stone tiles. You can customize the color of each of the papers, as well as adding additional graphics.

Luxurious Letterhead Mockup Template

Here we have a stunning, gold-accented letterhead mockup template featuring a range of gold decor items against a plain colored background, with your letterhead paper in the center. This template is perfect for a high-end boutique business, and also gives you the opportunity to showcase your business card design.

Brick Wall Letterhead Mockup Template

For an urban, edgy vibe with a minimalist appearance, consider this letterhead mockup template of an arm holding your letterhead paper on a clipboard against a classic brick wall. This template is perfect for a construction or architecture business, but is also versatile enough to be used for a wide range of other industries.

Android Letterhead Mockup Template

Next, we have a simple yet effective mockup featuring your letterhead paper as the central item on a plain colored background, surrounded by a pen, paperclips and an Android phone. This multipurpose option allows you to customize the colors of the background, paper and pen, to stay consistent with your branding.

Candle Letterhead Mockup Template

Our next premium letterhead mockup template from Placeit is a peaceful all-rounder offering a simple layout of your letterhead paper in a binder clip next to a burning candle, against a beautiful honey-colored background. It’s perfect for showcasing your letterhead design in a minimal yet unique way.

Simple Shadow Letterhead Mockup Template

Another highly popular minimal option, here we have a premium letterhead mockup from Envato Elements, featuring a high-resolution image of your A4 sized letter against a plain, customizable background, with interesting plant shadows layered above to give a moody and artistic vibe.

Coffee & Pot Plant Letterhead Mockup Template

Next in our lineup of letterhead mockup templates is this classic coffee table scene, featuring your letterhead design on top of a pile of papers, next to a lush green plant and a cup of black coffee, all on a textured wooden surface. This template will give your design a professional yet homely feel.

Tag Letterhead Mockup Template

Perfect if your business sells clothing or other products that require price tags to be tied onto them, this unique set of four letterhead templates will showcase your design next to a tag with your company logo on it, and features realistic effects and shadows, a changeable background, and smart object functionality for easy editing.

Colourful Desk Letterhead Mockup Template

Here we have a well-organized desk layout featuring your A4 sized letterhead paper, surrounded by a range of colorful stationery items such as pencils, post-it notes and paperclips, all against a rust-colored desk surface. This one’s perfect for a craft or school themed business.

Letterhead Mockup Template

Our next letterhead mockup template includes six unique, high-resolution layouts, each featuring a professional and minimalistic design that’s ideal for a corporate letterhead, as well as a customizable background color, easy editing with smart objects, and organized layers and folders.

Packaging Letterhead Mockup Template

This premium offering from Envato Elements depicts your letterhead displayed on top of a ream of paper being unwrapped, and includes three different perspectives. Each of the included mockups is easy to customize, and features drag and drop smart objects as well as a range of backgrounds to choose from.

Office Letterhead Mockup Template

Next, we have a free letterhead mockup template that features your letterhead paper on a plain background, next to a pair of graphic pencils. It includes three individual PSD files, each with a different view, and includes smart layer functionality to make customizing a breeze.

Envelope & Clipboard Letterhead Mockup Template

Another premium letterhead mockup template from Envato Elements, this option will display your letterhead paper on a classic brown clipboard, next to a large brown envelope that can also be customized to include your company logo and other details. Every aspect of this mockup can be edited, making it perfect for a range of uses.

Law Concept Letterhead Mockup Template

Next in our series of letterhead mockup templates is this free download from FreePik, featuring a corporate looking pile of papers with your letterhead design proudly displayed on top, next to a pen, pair of glasses and gavel all laid out on a wooden desk, giving it a law inspired vibe.

Wooden Surface Letterhead Mockup Template

Included in this collection of letterhead mockups are four unique PSD templates, each featuring a minimalistic and professional looking layout allowing your letterhead design to be showcased against a clean wooden surface, although the background can also be customized if you wish. It also includes a smart object system, making customization super easy.

Inbox Letterhead Mockup Template

Our next letterhead mockup template is a free design that will showcase your letterhead design sitting in a classy desktop inbox tray, next to two business cards that will also allow you to display your company’s logo and other details. This is a perfect choice for an office or corporate letterhead, and will give your design a professional and polished look.

Minimal Letterhead Mockup Template

If you’re looking for a simple, no-frills mockup template to show off your letterhead design, this minimal option featuring three letterhead papers against a plain, customizable background is a sure winner. Every aspect of the design can also be edited, so you can always change it up if you need to.

Corporative Letterhead Mockup Template

Another clean, minimal design, the Corporative letterhead mockup template features your letterhead paper as the main attraction, with a leafy green pot plant on one side and the corner of a steel grey laptop on the other, making it a versatile and highly professional choice for a range of different purposes.

Professional Letterhead Mockup Template

Next we have a beautifully organized letterhead mockup template that features a high-resolution depiction of your letterhead next to some pencils, against a plain background. It includes smart layers for easy editing, and it’s also available for free download from Free Mockup Zone.

Simple Letterhead Mockup Template

Our final letterhead mockup template to be featured is this pair of simple yet highly appealing layouts, each of which includes well-organized layers, fully customizable design elements, and smart objects for easy editing, as well as a clever use of shadows to give a photorealistic three-dimensional effect.

And there you have it, a range of professional and versatile letterhead mockup templates that will help you bring your designs to life – perfect for any kind of letterhead!