20+ Tote Bag Mockup Templates (Free & Pro)

In this day and age, tote bags are becoming increasingly popular as they work to replace the disposable plastic bags that once lined the checkouts of stores and market stalls. Not only is using a tote bag a great way to do your part in saving the planet, but it’s also a brilliant way of promoting a business or brand – think of how many people will see your bag as you’re walking down the street or browsing the aisles of your local grocery store.

Designing a tote bag to represent your brand is a great marketing tactic, but it’s important that your design looks as good in real life as it does on paper – and so we’ve curated a list of the best tote bag mockup templates for you to customize with your own design, allowing you to bring your creation to life!

There’s a range of different styles and options, both free and premium, so no matter your style or budget, there’s sure to be a mockup that’s perfect for your very own tote bag design.

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Design Your Own Tote Bag Mockup in Seconds

Why settle for one tote bag mockup when you have access to thousands of different kinds of bag mockups for just one price? Plus, you can edit all these templates online, without ever needing to use Photoshop.

That’s exactly what Placeit does. It lets you use high-quality mockups, edit them using its online editor, place your own designs, and download them quite easily. No need for Photoshop. And yes, it includes loads of tote bag mockups too, in all sorts of settings. Think of it as a tote bag mockup generator. But of course, it’s more than that.

Create Your Tote Bag Mockup Now

Woman Walking Tote Bag Mockup Template

Our first mockup template from Placeit depicts a woman walking down an outside hallway carrying your tote bag, and allows you to showcase your design in an authentic, true to life setting. Choose your tote bag color and upload your own additional graphics for an extra sense of style.

Flat Magazine Tote Bag Mockup Template

Next in our lineup of tote bag mockup templates is another premium Placeit option featuring a woman holding a flat tote bag with magazines inside, against a stone surface. This is a realistic way to see your tote bag design, and is simple enough to let your design be the main focus of the image.

Magazine Rack Tote Bag Mockup Template

Here we have a more dynamic tote bag mockup template which displays your tote bag design, using a customizable fabric color, upon a wooden magazine rack with a range of houseplants in the background. The natural color scheme of this mockup makes it a versatile choice.

Hanging Tote Bag Mockup Template

Our next premium tote bag mockup template is a simple yet effective depiction of a tote bag hanging against a wooden wall. This premium template from Placeit allows you to customize the tote bag color, as well as add your own graphics to give the design your own personal flair.

New York Map Tote Bag Mockup Template

This dark and dramatic premium tote bag mockup template features a deep, mottled black wall with a magazine rack holding your tote bag up next to a stylish map of New York City. Choose this mockup for a stunning, elegant effect, especially if you’re keeping the lighter color of the tote bag material.

City Park Tote Bag Mockup Template

Next up, we have a series of eight high-quality premium tote bag mockup templates featuring a woman carrying the tote bag against a range of backgrounds. You can customize individual aspects of the bag, and the high resolution of each mockup allows you to crop the images as you see fit.

Simple Tote Bag Mockup Template

This free tote bag mockup template from Design Hooks is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple and versatile way to see your tote bag design in real life. It features a photorealistic design, smart layers for easy customization, and interchangeable colors and backgrounds.

Green Field Tote Bag Mockup Template

Perfect if you’re creating a tote bag for an environmentally focused or outdoor-oriented business, this set of eight tote bag mockup templates will showcase your design on a customizable bag being held by a woman in the middle of a lush green field, surrounded by trees, and with an optional sunny daylighting effect.

Drawstring Tote Bag Mockup Template

Now for something a bit different – if you’re considering designing your tote bag as a drawstring style backpack, this mockup will help you decide! It features four authentic PSD mockups with smart objects for you to insert your design, as well as interchangeable background and colors and realistic photo effects.

Double Tote Bag Mockup Template

Our next tote bag mockup template features two completely unique layouts. The first features your tote bag hanging on a dark grey brick wall, and the second shows off your design on an upright bag standing against a plain background. Both are available as a free pair for instant download via Mockup World.

Flatlay Tote Bag Mockup Template

This stunning design showcases your tote bag as a colorful, fully editable item amongst an arrangement of branches, fabric and stationery items, against a plain interchangeable background. The elegant flat lay appeal of this premium tote bag mockup template makes it one of the most popular options for upmarket or designer tote bags.

Travel Tote Bag Mockup Template

If you’re designing a bag aimed at travelers or tourists, consider this tote bag mockup template which displays your design on a realistic, natural colored tote being held by a woman at a dusty historical site, such as those found in Italy or Greece. It’s available for free download at Design Hooks.

Flowers Tote Bag Mockup Template

This beautiful and classy tote bag mockup template features a woman carrying a bunch of wild flowers in a tote bag proudly displaying your design, against a background of dark green leafy plants. It’s easy to edit, contains full smart object functionality and a high-resolution PSD file for optimum versatility.

Cotton Tote Bag Mockup Template

A simple and classic option for displaying your tote bag design, this premium offering from Envato Elements includes four layouts, each with organized layers, changeable backgrounds, realistic shadows and effects, and fully customizable colors. The high resolution ensures a professional and realistic result.

Jute Tote Bag Mockup Template

Perfect for the environmentally-conscious business, this free tote bag mockup template from Design Hooks features a farmer’s market-style jute tote bag laid against a neutral marble background. It’s fully customizable using Adobe Photoshop, and offers layered elements for easy editing.

Minimal Tote Bag Mockup Template

Next in our collection of tote bag mockup templates, we have a set of four minimalistic designs showcasing your design against a customizable background with adjustable shadow and texture settings, interchangeable colors, and smart object functionality for you to insert your own graphic elements.

Non-Woven Tote Bag Mockup Template

Here we have a non-woven tote bag featured in several different positions against a plain but replaceable background. This option is perfect for store brand carry bags and other less heavy-duty totes, and offers smart object support as well as organized and labeled layers.

Woman Standing Tote Bag Mockup Template

For another realistic example of your tote bag in action, consider this tote bag mockup template depicting a woman standing beside some greenery and a pickup truck holding your tote bag. It’s fully customizable, and available for free download right now from Design Hooks.

Flat Tote Bag Mockup Template

Another stunning free mockup download, this clean and classic option displays your design on a small, flat tote bag made of natural cotton against a dark granite surface. It consists of a PSD file with smart layers for full design control, and a 4000 x 3000-pixel resolution for a perfect finish.

Multipurpose Tote Bag Mockup Template

The last tote bag mockup template in our series is this premium design from Envato Elements, featuring four simple yet subtly quirky layouts. It includes realistic effects and shadows, interchangeable backgrounds, and smart objects for you to add your own creative flair with ease.

And there you have it, a list of the very best free and premium tote bag mockup templates, all ready for you to download and customize with your own design. You’re welcome!